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Which Character From Walker Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The CW’s Walker is notable for being a reboot that has its own identity. Jared Padalecki stars in this series that gives emotional aspects greater importance compared to Chuck Norris’ original that was action-oriented. Fans have been able to identify with the characters, and an even better way to do so is through zodiac signs.

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While each Walker character obviously has a canon sign, based on their birthdays in the series, they often also fit a zodiac sign based on personality traits – and these are not always the same! Judging by their behaviors and actions alone, many of the main characters even perfectly match a specific sign. 


Aries: Micki Ramirez

Those born under this sign are courageous, determined, and bold, who don’t like to back down from serious situations. Micki certainly qualifies as a badass TV female lead and has all the traits of an Aries. She has no intentions of ever quitting, having gone into the police field to prove she can stand with the best.

Aries can also be fierce to a fault, with Micki finding herself in sticky situations because of her courage that sometimes turns into overconfidence. She also has the Aries trait of having an adventurous mindset, as Micki isn’t one to be content with a desk job.

Taurus: Trey Barnett

Jeff Pierre as Trey Barnett

Taurus personalities are people pleasers who want to be liked, and enjoy being there for others. People of this zodiac are happy to be the giver in relationships, although they expect full disclosure from the people they are close to.  Trey is the boyfriend of Micki, with his original role primarily as the latter’s support.

It took some time before Trey got an arc of his own, but he was satisfied simply being Micki’s confidant. The few times Trey has gotten serious have been when he’s felt Micki isn’t completely honest, tying into Taurus’ need for emotional fulfillment.

Gemini: Stella Walker

Violet Brinson as Stella Walker

It’s a toss-up over what kind of mood a Gemini person might be in; they could either be too happy or too sad or somewhere in between. Stella embodies this trait, having repeatedly been at odds with her father based on how she’s feeling.

Geminis are highly emotional people who develop strong attachments but also hold grudges. Stella has displayed great loyalty towards her family and friends, but is the one who had the most difficult time in forgiving Cordell, which aligns with the Gemini way of thinking.

Cancer: Hoyt Rawlins

Hoyt Rawlins laughs and crouches in Walker

Cancer personalities look out for themselves first and then for the rest. Nevertheless, they have a sense of protectiveness toward the people they love, which enables them to gather close friends. Hoyt may not have lived too long but he did portray Cancer mannerisms.

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He was a friend of Cordell despite Hoyt’s many tricks, with the latter remaining a con artist until the end. Cancers can turn over a new leaf should they feel regret, and Hoyt certainly did seem to be on the path toward change before he was killed before his time.

Leo: Cordell Walker

Fans will perhaps always see Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester before Cordell Walker, yet the actor has managed to play the latter in a different way. Cordell has portrayed the Leo mannerisms of natural leadership, compassion, and respect.

Cordell, like most Leos, also tends to lose track of himself if he can’t fix a problem, which is why he fled after the death of his wife. Cordell has tried his best to make amends and has shown his compassionate side toward people on the job ever since. He’s also grown as a leader of his household once he decided it was time to move on from his grief.

Virgo: Liam Walker

Liam Walker outside court

Those born under the Virgo zodiac are usually the favorite people of just about everyone around them thanks to their humble, sympathetic, and caring personalities. Liam usually is considered the most likable character in Walker, having been the kindest of all the members of his family.

He’s been an even better father to Cordell’s children than his brother could be, along with being a model citizen of the community. Virgo’s are practical people who know when to call out people on their mistakes and it’s usually Liam who is the man with the most rational thinking.

Libra: Emily Walker

Emily could very well qualify as one of the best TV mothers to be created, with the character noted as the perfect woman any family could hope for. She was the person who held the Walkers together, with her death shattering everyone for a long time.

Libras are generally the nucleus of a group, in that people form friendships and relations around them. Libras are naturally friendly whose extroverted personalities rub off on just about everyone. Emily was the heart of the family without whom the characters didn’t know how to function.

Scorpio: Geraldine Broussard

Odette Annabelle as Geri Broussard in Walker

Scorpios are the kind of people who feign indifference but truly care more than others. They inherently crave intimacy and are confused should they end up receiving it. Geri started off painting herself out to be an outsider, only to become a mainstay in the characters’ lives.

She also had a difficult time wrestling with her feelings for Hoyt and Cordell, which was in contrast to her earlier claims of not caring. Geri has grown to care about everyone else as well, displaying the likeness she has with Scorpios’ knack for becoming emotionally involved.

Sagittarius: Larry James

Cobey Bell as Larry James in Walker

Sagittarius people are the ones who usually get the most respect due in part to their tendency to be assertive. Larry is the chief of the rangers and doesn’t get crossed by others, as he carries a no-nonsense attitude that makes it difficult for people to take advantage of him.

As with most Sagittarius personalities, Larry has the talent to discern others’ qualities. He can tell what kind of person he’s dealing with after a conversation, tying into Sagittarius’ intuitive side that ultimately also enables them to be command greater respect.

Capricorn: Bonham Walker

Jared Padalecki as Cordell and Mitch Pileggi as Bonham in Walker

When it comes to hard workers, very few can match those born under the Capricorn sign. These people love getting into things and doing the grind is something they relish because they learn from it. Bonham is a man set in his ways and doesn’t change his opinion about anything.

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Bonham is the type of person who’s worked his whole life with the goal of going down swinging until the end. He’s been called out for hiding his emotions and he even hid his health problems; like Capricorn personalities, Bonham still doesn’t have regrets about being this way.

Aquarius: Abeline Walker

Abeline Walker laughs at the dinner table

Aquarius personalities are very optimistic, self-reliant, and clever, with these people capable of bottling their emotions or surviving on their own. Abeline is a loving mother who has held her tongue over her family’s mistakes because she wants them to make their own decisions.

She’s felt lonely due to Bonham’s emotional unavailability, yet has spent years looking after him and the rest. Abeline’s optimism has proven to be an issue as well, as she developed a kind of denial. However, like other Aquariuses, Abeline holds out hope for more.

Pisces: August Walker

Kale Culley as August Walker

August has been praised for his emotional maturity, having coped well despite the loss of his mother and the absence of his father. Pisces personalities are similarly emotionally aware, meaning they are gracious toward people who are unable to face their own feelings.

Pisces can get too sentimental, though, leading to them overloading themselves with emotions. August has channeled his frustrations in things where he didn’t need to, which is similar to Pisces’ knack for caring too much that they overlook what’s bothering them.

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