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The Succession Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


On his own, “Cousin” Greg Hirsch is kind of worthless. That makes him an example of an extremely dysfunctional Libra archetype. 

Between September 23 and October 23, more Libras arrive on the planet. According to certain astrologists, these individuals have a predisposition for forming strong interpersonal relationships. They make efficacious romantic partners or friends — or in the case of Cousin Greg, co-workers and co-conspirators. 

Before Cousin Greg met Tom Wambsgans — ATN’s chairman of global broadcast news — he essentially had no career. Cousin Greg’s most noteworthy professional moment consisted of vomiting out the eyeholes of the cartoon dog he was impersonating for the purpose of entertaining children at a theme park. By “Succession” Season 3, Cousin Greg is playing three sides of a cataclysmic corporate scandal — namely, Kendall Roy’s upstart faction, the Logan Roy loyalists, and Cousin Greg’s own, self-interested side. He clearly owes his professional development — as well as advanced capacity for evil — to the guidance of his good pal and horrible boss, Tom. 

Likewise, while not every aspect of Tom’s life has prospered, his semi-secret alliance and companionship with Cousin Greg has remained a valuable source of insight and, perhaps, emotional support. Cousin Greg is an utterly helpless, slug of a human being on his own, but he thrives while operating as, essentially, an accessory to someone else. Maybe Cousin Greg’s not a good version of a Libra, but darn it, he’s our Libra.

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