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The Keanu Reeves Movie Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The water bearer is a sacred role in religious practices around the world, since water represents cleansing, as well as vital sustenance for humans. As the patron symbol of Aquarius, the water bearer also represents a prophetic nature, one that is connected to both generational and collective unconsciousness. Aquarius is a “we” sign, cultivating wisdom for collective knowledge, not personal gain.

A hugely abstract thinker, an Aquarius often has its head in the clouds so high that they forget what it’s like to have their feet on the ground. An Aquarius can even get so far inside their own minds that this can lead to antisocial behaviors, obstinacy, and a general contrariness that makes it difficult to be around them. This is someone who might accidentally self-isolate and after realizing, pretends to have consciously made that choice, much of which encapsulates the complicated personality of Keanu Reeves’ surly spiritual warrior John Constantine in 2005’s “Constantine.”

While Constantine doesn’t seem to like individual people, he is staunchly on Team Humanity, following in an Aquarius pattern as the sign of an activist who wants to make the world better. Also like an Aquarius, Constantine is tough to deal with on a personal level, due to his extreme lack of patience with others. Much like Constantine’s journey in the film, Aquarius has a personal journey to find a balance between their own mind, thoughts, feelings and their physical body.

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