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Pisces: From personality traits to love life, here is all about the zodiac sign Read on to find out the person


Arrogant, hard-working, and a dreamer. This is how Pisces can be defined. If you have been with Pisces, you may know that, at times, they may become extremely mean and self-centered. However, they are not evil personalities. They stand with their loved ones, but only if the behaviour is reciprocated with them. Otherwise, they won’t mind becoming mute spectators to one’s problems.

They are big-hearted and expect their family and friends to be the same. They are either the best person you have ever met or the worst you will ever meet, there’s nothing in between. They prefer to stay with people with who they resonate.

They can be sweet talkers, too, if needed. Above all, they are dreamers and achievers. They seek the best in life, however, may not work hard for it. They sometimes want things easy in life.

personality traits

Pisces often lie about their lives. It is more of a defensive mechanism for them so that nobody gets to know what they are up to. So, instead of simply hiding the truth, they take to speaking lies. And it is not only about themselves, but others, too, since they may not think there’s something wrong in speaking lies.

Zodiac element

Born between February 19 and March 20, people with this water sign are smart, intuitive, and difficult to handle. They are calm, loving and caring, but won’t do things at the cost of their happiness.

Pisces zodiac sign

Strength and weakness

A Pisces’ biggest strength is their capability to handle several situations without losing their calm. Whenever they feel threatened, they go into an even stronger mode. They are ready to fight situations, if need be, and can also find out loopholes to escape. There are ambitious, too, and their ambitions, often, show them the right path.

Their weakness is the ability to lose themselves when in love. If you ever find a Pisces in true love, they become extremely vulnerable and give their all. This is why, they, often, end up getting hurt and disappointed.

Also, it’s hard for them to see others succeeding while they still are struggling to get to a particular stage. They may feel jealous, and, often, try to hinder others’ success as well.

Love life

Like aforementioned, a Pisces gives his or her all in a relationship. They are loyal, trustworthy, and loving people. They can be emotional, too. While they may not accept how much they love their partner or be shy about it, one thing is for sure that there’s no replacement for the one they love. Once you are with them, you are hooked for life.

love life of pisces

You can expect a lot of pampering, an abundance of love and care, surprises, and romance. They are good in bed. They are not the possessive ones. This doesn’t mean they love their partner any less. It’s just a reflection of their trust and proves that they are not at all insecure about you.


A Pisces, often, prefers a government job or a business over a private one. They want the freedom in their career to take risks and want to be in a happy place professionally. They can easily crack business deals with their sweet talks and their ability to sell anything and everything.

Money matters

money issues

Professionally, they want to be strong and financially, independent. They may be not good at keeping money but are strong at making it. They are likely to earn well through their lives, and may even save a handsome amount if encouraged to do so.

They may end up spending something that they don’t need at all, but this doesn’t mean they waste money. Their business mind forces them to buy everything they find interesting, since who knows when the need arises.

Here is what you can expect from a Pisces.



Financial stability

Lots of unnecessary spends




Risk-taking ability







Pure heart


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Why you should be with Pisces?

A Pisces often likes helping people. Their giving nature and kind attitude with one and all make them special. Their goal is to reach a stage in life where they are able to help people and win them over by their kindness.

A Pisces will come up with pick-up lines that are hard to forget. They will, every once in a while, confess their love to you. They may appear to be as tough from the outside, but their heart is a chest full of love and romance. Their romantic side will be nothing but a sweet surprise for you.

They believe in simplicity and like to keep things low-key. They often have positive vibes, and make others feel comfortable around them, but only if they are comfortable with people.

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If you are the best of your behaviour with Pisces, you are likely to win them over. And as and when you have done it, Pisces will be trying their best to impress you. They are humorous and can easily take jokes on themselves.

They are much of a fan of Bollywood movies, but won’t mind going with you. Their coffee dates can be sweet and romantic, and so will be their surprises. They may stand with you through thick and thin, and you may never feel alone or demotivated when with them.

They will make sure to be your magic pill that will kill all your worries and insecurities instantly. They may make you feel special and valued at all times. If they are friends with you, you have all their unfiltered support and love. They are family-oriented and will encourage you to be the same.

When you are going wrong, they won’t hesitate in stopping you. They will be your biggest real critics in private, and your biggest and the most real supporters in public. They will guide you best and will make sure to stick to their words if you really mean something to them. Above all, they will never leave your side at any cost.

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