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Here’s what to expect on Lunar Eclipse for your zodiac signs


On November 19, 2021, the world will witness a long lunar eclipse , also known as Chandra Grahan, which will take place in India. According to the Hindu calendar, the eclipse will occur on Kartik Purnima and will come in the Taurus sign. It will be the last total lunar eclipse of the year, however there will be a partial eclipse for Indians.

Watching the lunar eclipse from an astrological perspective, carries an important impact on every zodiac signs. Although, it is contradictory that some zodiac signs might be benefited from the lunar eclipse 2021, while some zodiac signs are not benefited and will deal with problems.

If you are wondering about your day on the long lunar eclipse of 2021, about what will happen with you and how your day will be going, then read the complete details which APN news has brought for you, regarding your zodiac sign.

Check out the anticipated effects of the upcoming lunar eclipse for every zodiac sign according to the astrologer:

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This lunar eclipse 2021, can put Aries in some difficulties. Aries have the chances to experience the shift in their income so they should take every decision wisely. Although, there are chances of getting some good opportunities, hence, do not miss any opportunity which may grow their carrier and their profession.


Lunar eclipse 2021 has took place in the Tauras zodiac sign. Tauras, the zodiac sign are advised to take right decisions for themselves while being extra careful. Also, the financial part is going to be unlucky, Tauras need to be very attentive on expenditure front, you may spend your money on things which is worthless and of no use, so keep a check on your expenditure.


This zodiac sign will have good luck on the day of lunar eclipse 2021. Gemini zodiac sign will have the mind set on spiritual and ethereal things, which means it will be filled with holy desires and purposes. Gemini will feel spiritually inclined in peace if they will medidate on this day. Health will remain good. Therefore, it is advised by the astrologers, not to eat junk and unhealty food.


This lunar eclipse 2021 will fall in your 11th house of community, focusing on friends and their friendships. According to the astrologers, this is the best day and best time to meet your friends, if you are planning to spend some good time. Also, if you have distant yourself from your friends then this might be the best day to patch up with your friends.


Leo will have a good day but there is a small problem which needs to be take care of. Leo need to be attentive and alert when they will make decisions. You will have a pleasant day in your work field, but they need to take care of their expenses. Health will be good, you will feel happy and stress free.


According to the astrologers, lunar eclipse 2021 is asking Virgo to walk on their own path, as they will be successful if they follow their heart. It is the best time to take the plunge.


Libra will have a good impact on themselves by the eclipse. They can be rewarded for their hard work in their professional field. Libra might get profit and most of the financial problems will be resolved.


Scorpios are advised by the astrologers to eat mindfully, otherwise they will remain pleasant. You may feel a strong sense of bonds either by letting go of long-time feelings or by embracing a new bond.


If Sagittarius are feeling low then this will help you to copme back on your energetic track. You may manage your stress, and you will take care of yourself. Work will remain good.


According to the astrologers, this lunar eclipse will make Capricorns creative and flirty. So, this is the right time to evoke that lost love. Also, this time Capricorns need to control on their speech.


You will have a good day ahead of this lunar eclipse. Financial things will remain good. Therefore, this might be the right time to invest, but think wisely before investing.


According to the astrologers, Pisces may be rewarded for their hard and excellent work and may be promoted. However, you need to take care of your health because your health can suffer from illness.

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