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Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress Relief, by Zodiac Sign


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Feeling stressed? Grab a crystal. Some people who love these sparklers say they can help reduce worry and anxiety—simply keep one close by in your personal space, like on a bedside table, or place one on a chakra when you meditate. Of course, crystals aren’t a replacement for therapy or medication—but some find that they can be a helpful self-care tool. But how to choose a crystal? Well, some of these lil dudes are a better fit for certain zodiac signs than others. We made you a list.

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Aries: Amazonite

Amazonite Crystal Tower

You tend to get a lil stressed at work (to say the least), and this crystal can help you decompress. It will align your chakras and banish worry, clearing the way for balanced energies.


Taurus: Red Jasper

Red Jasper Palm Stone

You’re tenacious and strong, but you sometimes need a gentle push to achieve your dreams. Red jasper can help relieve pressure, allowing your aura to become clear and focused. Goodbye, negativity; hello, pos vibes.


Gemini: Blue Lace Agate

Raw Blue Lace Agate

Uncertainty makes you so stressed that your emotions can get erratic. Blue lace agate sharpens your mind, allowing you to make strategic decisions and feel a sense of calm.


Cancer: Rhodonite

Raw Natural Rhodonite Crystal

Just like you, rhodonite is a nurturer. This stone helps heal heartache, and its restorative qualities can release blocked energy to reveal your passions.


Leo: Danburite

Danburite Crystal From Charcas, Mexico

Danburite lets your light shine by decompressing all the worries and frustrations you’ve been holding on to. Give yourself some TLC and feel your heart open.


Virgo: Howlite

White Howlite Tumbled Stone

Your analytical mind tends to work overtime. This crystal helps keep you from overfocusing on trivial matters and promotes a good night’s sleep—try keeping one by your bed.


Libra: Lepidolite

Lepidolite Palm Stone

This lilac-colored crystal restores harmony and balance—and you’re all about balance, Libra. This pal gives you a lil boost when you’re having a bad day, helping mend conflicts and calm your stress.


Scorpio: Shungite

Shungite Crystal

Real talk, Scorpio: There’s never been a crystal more in tune with your *vibe*. Shungite changes harmful energies into positive ones—and remember, Scorpio’s the sign of transformation. Just like you, shungite can evolve the body, mind, and spirit.


Sagittarius: Clear Quartz

Natural Quartz Point Crystal

Clear quartz can ~amplify~ energy, meaning you can use it to boost your positivity and squash all the bad vibes. You’re naturally optimistic, and when you’re feeling down, clear quartz alleviates worry and nervousness.


Capricorn: Fluorite

Fluorite Tower Crystal

When you’re feeling off-balance, fluorite can bring you closer to your highest self. First, it helps you identify your stressors (like a certain frenemy, work sitch, or time of day). Then, it gives you relief as it washes away those negative vibes.


Aquarius: Aquamarine

Raw Aquamarine Crystal

Trust us, your airy sentiments will vibe with this sea-green crystal. Aquamarine inspires peace, love, truth, and clarity, invoking inner peace and allowing you to find ~serenity~.


Pisces: Angelite

Angelite Geode Half

You’re like a sponge, Pisces—you pick up on other people’s emotions. You’re supes empathetic, but feeling others’ feels can leave you feeling depleted. Angelite uses gentle vibrations to ease your body, mind, and heart.

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