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3 Zodiac Signs Who Find A Lost Love During The Vertex In Leo, Starting November 19, 2021


Three zodiac signs who find a lost love during the Vertext in Leo starting November 19, 2021 will feel the energy of romance with intensity.

With Vertex In Leo as our main source of cosmic influence, starting on November 19, we will all be concentrating on what is most important to us.

We will be swept up in the mindset that we need to take care of ourselves and put ourselves first, not in a selfish way, but in the way of self-preservation and self-love.

We will be going over pleasant memories, as well as giving time to thoughts about the people from our past.

Lost loves will resurface as if our positive energy alone brought them back into view. And in all honesty, that’s exactly what we will be doing.

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Vertex In Leo’s influence is all positive; it steers us in the right direction, and sometimes that direction leads to the past.

For some signs, this may lead to reuniting with a past love, or even a friend with whom we’ve shared something unforgettable — something way too special to ignore.

That friend, or lover, may come back into sight during this transit. It will feel as though we’ve been gifted, and this gift will arouse in us deep feelings of gratitude.

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