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Which Home Sweet Home Alone Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


One of the best new holiday films of 2021 is the most recent Home Alone franchise film, Home Sweet Home Alone. With a whole new band of zany characters running around and getting up to some wild shenanigans, there’s no shortage of big personalities.

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It can be a lot of fun for viewers to find a character that they really relate to in a fun family film like Home Sweet Home Alone, and a great way to do that is to consult the constellation alignment of the astrological chart.

12 Aries: Max Mercer

Max takes a gift home from church in Home Sweet Home Alone

Max is chock full of passionate energy and innovation. He can entertain himself home alone, wielding the creativity of the very Aries ’90s Disney show, Out Of The Box. Additionally, Max can bravely think on his toes and problem solve when he thinks his safety is in danger.

He also has the trademark Aries fiery spirit and doesn’t hesitate to exact a little revenge when he feels like Jeff is pushing his buttons. It’s not surprising that he thought Pam and Jeff were talking about selling him to an old lady: Aries have a very vivid and active imagination.

11 Taurus: Carol Mercer

Carol Mercer at the airport in Home Sweet Home Alone

Tauruses are fixed signs, so anything that doesn’t go according to plan or routine is a big deal to them. When the family’s flights get rebooked chaotically, it severely stresses Carol out. She’d much prefer a well-planned and luxury-filled vacation like the Taurus holiday rom com, Last Holiday.

Carol is then livid when it takes Blake getting to the hotel to tell her that they forgot Max because Tauruses value honesty above all else. Additionally, both Carol’s home and the Tokyo hotel room are very luxurious and cozy. It’s not surprising, though, as Tauruses live for all things fancy and comfortable.


10 Gemini: Pam McKenzie

Pam grimaces as she is pelted with darts in a hallway in Home Sweet Home Alone.

If there’s anyone capable of rolling with the punches of life, it’s Pam. When Jeff lost his job, she adapted and figured out a way for them to sell their home to stay afloat. When Jeff tells her about the doll, she’s flexible again and helps devise a plan to get it back.

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Geminis are also outgoing, which was helpful when Pam needed to trick Officer McAllister into thinking that the Mercer home was hers. Her signature Gemini witty banter sealed the deal.

9 Cancer: Chris McKenzie

Chris talks to Max at the church toy drive in Home Sweet Home Alone

Cancers are very emotionally intelligent, and can easily pick up on peoples’ moods. Chris makes a point of saying that he notices how stressed his parents are and wonders what they’re hiding. Family is very important to Cancers, so Chris just wants what’s best for his family and for them to be happy.

Another Cancer strength is their intuition and caring nature. When Chris meets Max, he instantly lets him open up about what’s been going on, empathizes with him, and even gives him the toy he was going to donate. Much like the famous ’90s Cartoon Network Cancer, Sailor Moon, Chris is sensitive and kind.

8 Leo: Mei

Mei Shuffling up the walkway in Home Sweet Home Alone

Leos are not afraid to be in the spotlight, and Mei definitely had it when she showed up in a sparkling mini skirt and heels, inching to the front door one step at a time. She’s vivacious, warm, and friendly, hugging everyone right away.

Leos are also very generous by nature, and when Mei saw that Abby had her heart set on a dress, she immediately offered to get it for her as a Christmas present. She wanted Abby to feel beautiful and used her Leo cheerleading skills to be a support team for her.

7 Virgo: Gavin Washington

Gavin tells the McKenzies someone made an offer in Home Sweet Home Alone

Virgos are hardworking people, and Gavin works nonstop to sell the McKenzies’ home for them. He is also incredibly patient, especially when Jeff starts scaring off buyers by mentioning everything wrong with the home.

Gavin really cares about the McKenzies and wants to look out for them, which is another Virgo trait. He even crashes their church mass so he can happily tell them that they got an offer on the house. He channels the same Virgo energy as the MCU’s Pepper Potts: always taking care of others and being the reliable friend.

6 Libra: Abby McKenzie

Abby McKenzie at the table in Home Sweet Home Alone

Libras are sociable and vivacious, even singing in her church choir. Abby always has a smile on her face and gets along great with her extended family, especially Mei. She loves sparkly dresses, as most Libras can’t help but have an eye-catching outfit.

Because she likes to think the best of people, she’s not nearly as judgmental as her parents when it comes to her aunt and uncle’s family. She also believes them much more easily than Chris does about who Gavin is or why he’s there.

5 Scorpio: Jeff McKenzie

Jeff talks with Pam in Home Sweet Home Alone

Jeff is brave and ambitious, much like a Scorpio. After losing his job, he still works hard and tries to interview everywhere. When that doesn’t work out, he sets his sights on the next thing that would help: the doll, even if it means going through painful and terrifying booby traps.

Like Legend Of Korra’s Scorpio Lin Beifong, Jeff is fiercely loyal to his family unit, he goes through with the break-in, even though his Scorpio sense of honesty doesn’t like committing a crime. He’s also clever and quick-witted shooting back quips at Max and his brother when they get a little saucy with him.

4 Sagittarius: Hunter

Hunter laughing at Jeff in Home Sweet Home Alone

Hunter is a great big ball of fire sign energy, getting to Jeff and Pam’s house in the dead of night and waking Jeff up with a fiesty snowball to the face. He’s an independent and adventurous guy and even almost spent Christmas away on a Hawaiian vacation.

Hunter’s also not afraid to tell it like it is–especially when he’s watching Pam and Jeff’s carol of the bells performance or noting that they have an obscene amount of milk in their fridge. That Sagittarian honesty makes for some pretty hilarious scenes.

3 Capricorn: The Flight Attendant

Carol talks with a flight attendant in Home Sweet Home Alone

Capricorns are the responsible and ambitious zodiac sign. They can’t stand people not following rules or telling them how to do their job. So, when Carol cuts to the front of the line at the airport and yells at the flight attendant about things that are not under her control, she repeatedly tells her that she needs to follow the rules.

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She gets bonus points for being bilingual, as a Capricorn relishes in being able to prove to someone that they can, in fact, speak their language–and they can probably do it better! She also hammers everything home with a painful, gritted teeth customer service smile.

2 Aquarius: Officer McAllister

Officer McAllister and Pam talk in the driveway in Home Sweet Home Alone

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum, and don’t do things that people would expect. They’re strong believers in justice, so law enforcement, or superhero fighting, like in the Aquarian ’90s Nickelodeon Power Rangers, is an expected path for them.

Furthermore, Officer McAllister believes in prank justice, too, and wants to make things even with his brother by not buying into the “kid left home alone” call. He chomps on a burrito and has a hilariously bizarre conversation with Pam about being a “stallion” that no one’s “been able to tame.”

1 Pisces: Ollie

Ollie holding the doll on the stairs in Home Sweet Home Alone

Pisces is the most underestimated sign of the zodiac because they’re the youngest. But the other signs shouldn’t let that fool them. Just like Ollie, Pisceans can be little troublemakers.

They’re creative enough to be able to successfully nab whatever they want, be it an ornament or a priceless doll, but they’re also generous enough to give it back when they’re done with it, like Ollie does with Jeff. They’re super cute while they’re pickpocketing, though, so it’s easy to forgive them.

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