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The Simpsons Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If your birthday is anywhere from May 21 to June 20, then you’re a Gemini, symbolized by The Twins. The Gemini, per Co-Star Astrology, is extremely charming, funny, and talkative, which combines to create a confidence that lets them get away with a lot. They’re sharp and energetic, according to Horoscope, and they don’t enjoy too many moments of mental quietude. Nor do they easily bore or tire — they always find ways to keep themselves busy. Additionally, Geminis are loyal but will call out loved ones if they feel they’ve been mistreated.

Bart Simpson fits this profile of a Gemini — he’s a troublemaker with endless energy and an indefatigable independent streak, always staging a prank, crime, adventure, or other activity to amuse himself and make the best of the time he’s not stuck in a classroom. He’s clever, crafty, and persuasive, too, allowing him to evade any lasting consequences when he’s caught by his principal, teachers, or parents. Bart is also quite loyal, frequently teaming up with people he openly mocks but secretly loves and respects, including father Homer (whom he calls by his first name), annoying sister Lisa, geeky best friend Milhouse, and bully Nelson.

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