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The Bridesmaids Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


While “Bridesmaids” benefits from its rock-solid cast of core characters, part of its strength comes from those in smaller roles such as Matt Lucas, who plays Annie’s roommate, Gil, who is definitely a Gemini. Geminis are represented as twins, which speaks to their two-sided nature. They can run hot and cold in the span of seconds, much like Gil, who seems to run very hot with his sister, Brynn (Rebel Wilson), while running cold with Annie. Although Gil lets Annie stay in their house without paying rent for a while, he suddenly turns on her, which is a Gemini move. In addition, he allows Brynn to stay for free, no questions asked, which is also a bit Gemini — don’t ask for logic because it’s more about the vibe.

Geminis are the messengers of the zodiac, so Gil is the one to use his words to address the living situation with Annie. He brings her the news that she has to move out and while Geminis love to communicate, they don’t always do it thoughtfully, as seen when Gil tells Annie to leave. Gemini season starts towards the end of spring and the beginning of summer, which is a time of transformation, so it’s only appropriate that Gil would be the catalyst for this major change in Annie’s life as she tumbles towards rock bottom and moves back into her mom’s house.

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