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It is a day for love and romance for 3 zodiac signs; Read the daily horoscope to know more


Zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Libra are likely to experience romance today. Read on to know more.


Have a look at what the stars have in store for these 3 zodiac signs as shared by Kalashanti Jyotish. Check out the daily horoscope for Aries, Leo and Libra for November 17, 2021.


Aries today’s horoscope


Aries sign people will find this to be a favourable day. You are likely to make solid achievements. Business people may formulate the plans to start something new. Your approach will remain congruent with that of your life partner. You may make some kind of monetary gain. Lovers will be in a mood to express their feelings. Your health will remain fine. Some kind of expenses will have to be made.




Leo today’s horoscope


Leo sign people will earn prestige today. There will be favourable situations in the workplace. You shall make solid gains in money-related issues. Take care of your father’s health. This will be a highly favourable day for lovers. You shall receive good news about your offspring. Take care of your health as a stomach infection may hit you.


Libra today’s horoscope


Libra sign people will get auspicious results in their routine activities. You will remain very confident in your professional space. An inflow of money can strengthen your financial condition. You will maintain harmony with your life partner. Students will make solid gains. There will be a blissful ethos in the life of lovers. You may have a pleasant time with your friends.




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