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Discover the deadly vices that water signs of the zodiac are most prone to


No one is free of flaws, after all many believe that to err is to be human. However, conquering your vices is considered a key part of your journey. And zodiac signs can help in this aspect by offering us some awareness about the kind of vices that every star sign is most prone to. This write-up spells out the awful vices that often bother water signs such as Scorpio, Cancer and even Pisces.



This sign is considered extremely moody, and some Cancerians battle the changes in their mood with unhealthy coping mechanisms. Driven by phases in the moon, the crab tends to self-soothe by stress eating at times. This could swiftly snowball into an eating disorder if you don’t watch out. 

vices of water signs


If you are a Pisces, then you probably are aware of how intuitive and sensitive you really are. One of the things that attracts you is romance. Pisces tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve and hence have a tendency to get deeply hurt by the object of their affection. These dreamers might then consume prescribed medication to elevate their mood. However, self-medication can be a hazard.



An intensely physical sign, Scorpios have a magnetic gaze. They are known to be very sensual people and easily attract the attention of the opposite sex. Sex addition can be a real concern for this sign, mainly because, when Scorpios indulge in excess, they draw in negative people and energies. These then threaten to spiral them toward self-destruction.

vice of water signs

While zodiac astrology just offers a glimpse into tendences of your star sign, the insight can certainly be used to steer clear of your vices altogether! 

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