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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Karmic Relationship Ends During Part Of Fortune In Aquarius November 18, 2021


The Part of Fortune. What an interesting name for a transit and one that is rarely spoken of, and for the three zodiac signs whose karmic relationship ends during this time on November 18, 2021, it’s something to think about.

For Aries, Scorpio, and Aquarius zodiac signs Part of Fortune in Aquarius on November 18th brings a meeting with fate that breaks up karmic relationships.

The Part of Fortune in Aquarius deals with how we create abundance for ourselves. The Part of Fortune in Aquarius will run through each zodiac sign, inspiring innovative ways to create prosperity and personal riches. In this case, for a few of the zodiac signs here, it implies an escape hatch. Part of Fortune on November 18, 2021 is a way out of something that keeps us trapped, eventually leading to freedom.

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The Part of Fortune in Aquarius specifically deals with how we release old ties, and what we do to free ourselves from the baggage we carry around, and the relationships that drain the very life from us.

Often times we find ourselves in relationships that we don’t understand, and we may ask ourselves, “How is this still going on?” The Part of Fortune in Aquarius is what’s going to help you find the point of origin, and the path that leads you away from it.

Karmic relationships are about to end during this transit, and there’s a good chance we’ll feel them begin to crumble. It’s the end of a cycle for these kinds of relationships, and we will be more than happy to let them all go.

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