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3 Zodiac Signs Who Change Their Minds About Breaking Up During The Moon In Gemini November 19 – 21, 2021


It’s quite easy to get caught up in Gemini’s dualistic nature, especially when the reigning transit is Moon in Gemini, which lasts from November 19 through November 21, 2021.

This is a serious head trip of a transit, and it will have us changing our minds again and again.

Especially for the zodiac signs who change their mind bout breaking up during the Moon leaving Taurus entering Gemini.

The feeling of uncertainty is what will be driving certain signs towards insecure decision-making, especially in terms of our love lives. We may feel an impulsive desire to break up with the person we’re presently involved with, only to regret that choice instantly.

These are the days when we don’t trust our own choices, however, that isn’t going to stop us from making them anyway.

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Moon in Gemini is insightful, but perhaps it gives us too much to deal with. We can see all sides, meaning, we can see how great it would be to break up while seeing how disastrous it would be if we were to do so.

And back again. For those zodiac signs who have thought about breaking up with someone, this transit will have you feeling more like a ping pong ball than a person.

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