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Which Character From HBO Max’s Love Life Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


HBO Max’s Love Life has both a unique concept and a memorable group of characters. Season 1 is all about Darby Carter’s quest for love and season 2 tells the tale of Marcus Watkins, a book editor who has trouble moving on from his divorce. The best part about this show is the fact that viewers can see themselves in many of the people in Marcus and Darby’s lives.

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Several main characters have personality traits that stand out, and if Love Life fans think about their zodiac sign, they can definitely find a character who they find relatable and interesting.

12 Aries: Augie Jeong

Augie and Darby standing in a store in Love Life

Augie is one of Darby’s most significant partners and also one of the smartest Love Life characters.

Augie is passionate about politics and social justice, just like Aries signs always find something to care deeply about, and like this Fire sign, Augie is brave and likes to tell the truth. He also likes being busy and working hard and feeling like he’s contributing to a cause and helping people.

11 Taurus: Mia Hines

Mia and Marcus talking and laughing on Love Life

Marcus’s one true love Mia is stubborn like Taurus signs, especially when she breaks up with Marcus and doesn’t tell him that she cheated on him and is going through a tough time.

It takes Mia a long time to tell Marcus what happened and when they decide to stay together and have a child, she realizes that she can become less stubborn and let Marcus in more. Taurus signs are also loyal and take responsibility, and Mia has always done that as she looks out for her mom.


10 Gemini: Yogi

Yogi on Love Life

This Air sign is clever, friendly, and likes having a good time. They’re also good at talking about their feelings and thoughts and they like the world around them.

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Marcus’s friend Yogi fits into this zodiac sign and anyone who is a Gemini can definitely relate to him. Yogi is sweet, hilarious, and devoted to his family. He loves hearing about what’s going on in people’s lives and loves having fun.

9 Cancer: Becca Evans

Leslie Bibb as Becca Evans in Love Life

As one of the best characters on Love Life, Becca slowly begins to show Marcus and viewers her sensitive side once she shares with him that she has lost their baby.

Becca embodies many personality traits of a Cancer sign. She’s in tune with her emotions, she loves her family, and she has trouble being vulnerable or talking about herself. It’s only once Marcus meets Becca’s teenage daughter that he realizes how compassionate she is and how much Becca has hidden.

8 Leo: Sara Yang

Jim and Sara hugging

Of all the Love Life characters, Darby’s best friend Sara seems like a Leo the most. She’s bold, loves being the center of attention, and likes adventure and keeping an open mind.

Sara’s struggles are in sharp contrast to the fun-loving person that she shows to the world, and fans learn more about Sara throughout season 1 as Darby realizes that Sara needs to go to rehab and get better.

7 Virgo: Marcus Watkins

Marcus Watkins in Love Life

Marcus thrives in his role as a book editor, getting promoted a few times in season 2, and finally figuring out that he’s meant to write novels.

Virgo signs can see themselves in Marcus, who is smart, sometimes quiet, thoughtful, and perceptive. Marcus is happier talking to someone one-on-one than being at a huge party and he likes making real, genuine connections with people.

6 Libra: Darby Carter

Darby on Love Life

Libra signs can relate to Darby, who is one of the funniest Love Life characters and who makes a few clever jokes in every season 1 episode.

Libra signs can feel bad for themselves, they don’t like alone time, and they sometimes want to agree with people so they can keep the peace. Darby does this in her relationship with Magnus since she doesn’t like the way that he’s living his life but she has trouble standing up for herself until she finally realizes that she’s had enough.

5 Scorpio: Kian Parsa

Marcus, Kian, and Yogi holding up drinks on Love Life

Any Scorpio sign can relate to Kian, who embodies these personality traits and can be jealous, smart, a loyal friend, and who is confident enough to take risks.

When Marcus learns that Kian and Emily love each other, he realizes that Kian was very envious of their marriage. Kian has always been a good pal to Marcus and feels terrible about letting him know about what’s been going on.

4 Sagittarius: Ida Watkins

Love Life Ida Punkie Johnson Vertical

Sagittarius signs are Fire signs who are fairly free-spirited. They don’t want others to rely on them too strongly and they’re funny and like dreaming about what could be.

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Ida is a wonderful sister to Marcus and is there when he needs someone to talk to, but she also wants him to stand on his own two feet and she knows that he can get his life together.

3 Capricorn: Jim

Jim smiling on Love Life

Thanks to Jim and Sara’s love story, which is a popular Love Life relationship, fans feel invested in Jim’s kind personality and hope that he has a happy ending.

Like Capricorn signs, Jim feels drawn to a traditional life and while Sara isn’t sure about marriage and a family, Jim dreams of filling up the house that his aunt left him with kids.

2 Aquarius: Magnus Lund

Magnus wearing an orange suit on Love Life

Like Aquarius signs, Magnus can be quiet but he can also be a dynamic, fun person. This character is a creative chef who thrives at his restaurant job when Darby first falls in love with him. Unfortunately, Magnus gets fired and never works again during his marriage, allowing Darby to see that he can be difficult and brooding but also fun and social.

While Magnus has a lot of growing up to do, when Darby meets him he seems kind, interesting, and the perfect balance of outgoing and introverted.

1 Pisces: Claudia Hoffman

Claudia talks to Darby in Love Life

Fans get to know Darby’s mom Claudia when she stays with Darby in her New York City apartment after Darby has some health problems. Claudia shares many Pisces traits as she’s sensitive, emotional, and likes talking about these topics.

Claudia had a hard time raising Darby and she just wants to be love and seen, and it’s sweet watching Darby and Claudia finally find a way to get along.

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