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The Bones Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Agent Seeley Booth is a fighter who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in order to get things done, and that’s why he’s an Aries. According to the central premise of the series, Booth is Bones’ opposite. Whereas she is logical and calculated, he works off intuition and acts impulsively. Like most Arians — those born between March 21 and April 19 – Booth is known for his courage and determination. A former soldier in the military, he quite literally represents the Aries archetype: the warrior.

However, although Booth is a man of action who primarily follows his gut instincts, he isn’t without introspection. His time in the military haunts him and informs his behavior as an FBI agent. Though Booth is generally pretty set in his ways, he is also a people person who’s able to get along with most everyone, even the so-called squints whom he at times finds impenetrable. These relationships mark a very Arian trait, as those born under this sign are easily bored and thus like surrounding themselves with interesting people.

Like the sign of Aries, Booth is defined by his actions and his energy, as opposed to the squints in the lab who are often very sedentary creatures. A cardinal sign, Aries often make good leaders because they’re energetic and committed to making things happen. This is certainly true of Booth, who is often frustrated by the lack of conclusive information provided by the squints and is always itching to solve the case and catch the bad guys as quickly as possible.

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