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Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Arguably the most influential cinematic trilogy of all time, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films have made a massive impact on culture. Batman—as a long-running, serialized character—changes with every era he enters. Consequently, the Dark Knight Trilogy is the definitive version of Batman among millions of fans.

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Part of what makes any narrative popular is how relatable the characters are to fans. People like to see aspects of themselves in the characters on screen, and one of the best ways to find correlations to characters on screen is by fans aligning their zodiac signs with characters’ traits.

12 Jim Gordon’s Traits Are Similar To That Of An Aries

Jim Gordon Dark Knight Trilogy jpeg

The ram is a fitting totem for Aries, as they love to charge headlong into their goals. When Jim Gordon first appears in The Dark Knight trilogy, he is a few steps from becoming the famed commissioner that classic Batman fans know him to be.

Through his persistence—yet another Aries trait—Gordon rises to the top of a corrupt police department. Optimism is another classic Aries trait that Gordon has. As an Aries, Gordon is honest and believes in what his police badge symbolizes.

11 Batman Has Several Quirks That Make Him Congruent To A Taurus

Batman Dark Knight Trilogy Jpeg

Batman’s number one ability and character trait is his impressive amount of willpower. In every iteration of the character, he never deviates from his position or convictions. Forging himself into the idealized vision of retribution he created as a child, Batman possesses some of the positive stubbornness that characterizes a Taurus.

Similar to the bull they are associated with, Taurus are sturdy and reliable. Batman expresses this character trait easily, as he famously dedicates his life to Gotham. Batman, like a Taurus, always works hard.

10 Joker’s Erratic Nature Makes Him Act Like A Gemini

Joker Dark Knight Trilogy Jpeg

The Joker is a wildly unpredictable character in every medium. The comics even acknowledge Joker’s character fluidity by attributing multiple personalities to the clown prince of crime. Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy echoes a similar sentiment. The Joker gives several conflicting motivations and origins throughout the film, speaking to his constantly shifting personality.

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Among all the zodiac signs, Gemini matches this energy perfectly. Although lunacy is a crucial element of the Joker’s character, an undeniable intelligence governs his actions and is congruent to the Gemini sign.

9 Alfred’s Loyalty Is That Of A Cancer Sign

Alfred Dark Knight Trilogy jpeg

Alfred is the one immovable constant in Batman’s life, both in and out of the cowl. This loyalty speaks to Alfred’s nature as a Cancer. Beyond his unwavering commitment to Bruce, Alfred has a broader devotion to the Wayne family as a dynasty.

Cancers are also known for their ability to stick to a routine. For several decades, Alfred has been a butler. His nature as a Cancer makes him immune to the monotony of holding the same position for a quarter of a century.

8 Rachel’s Inner Leo Inspires The Best In People

Rachel Dawes Dark Knight Trilogy jpeg

Leos, in association with their animal totem of the Lion, are usually associated with leadership. Similar to any great leader, Rachel knows how to bring the best out of people. Bruce almost descended a darker path of murder and dark retribution until Rachel set him on the correct route.

Also, Harvey Dent lost his bearings once she died and became consumed by his worst traits without Rachel guiding him. Even in the face of tremendous danger, Rachel never lost an ounce of her Leo confidence.

7 Bane’s Calculating Nature Is Similar To That Of A Virgo Sign

Bane Dark Knight Trilogy jpeg

In contrast to his monstrously bulky and imposing body, Bane is a calculating tactician that knows exactly where to attack an opponent. While not typically as violent as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Virgos also possess the same analytical capacity to execute their aims creatively.

Aside from their mental abilities, Virgos are practical people. Bane reflects this by the deceptively simple—yet incredibly functional—nature of his master plan to break Gotham and the Batman. Bane almost toppled Batman with practicality and analysis alone.

6 Lau’s Self-Interest Makes Him A Libra

The scales symbolize Libras, speaking to the balance they try to achieve in all aspects of their life. As the underworld’s most active accountant, Lau is an expert on balance on the financial end. Aside from his shady dealings in the criminal world, Lau’s balanced personality is captured beautifully by his dual role as a gangster and businessman.

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Like many Libras, Lau is very genial on the surface, but when his personal balance becomes misaligned, he constantly tries to rig the scales in his favor.

5 Scarecrow’s Conniving Demeanor Is That Of A Scorpio

Scarecrow Dark Knight Trilogy jpeg

For years, Scarecrow conducted unauthorized and unethical experiments on Arkham’s inmates. Only a Scorpio could possess this level of dark secrecy. Conversely, Scarecrow’s ability to function as a therapist and chemist shows off his dedication—another Scorpio trait.

Scorpios are known to be incredibly hard workers when they’re passionate about a job. As the name would imply, the animal totem associated with Scorpio is a scorpion. Scarecrow, like a scorpion, administers his fear toxin through a similar method of injection.

4 Falcone’s Desire For Independence Is Exactly Like A Sagittarius’

Carmine Falcone Dark Knight Trilogy Jpeg

Working his way to the top of the gangster hierarchy, Carmine Falcone made it his intention to be as independent as possible. Sagittarius’ signs are all about their independence. To acquire this level of autonomy, Sagittarius will take insane risks to put themselves in an advantageous position.

Famously giving Bruce Wayne a compelling speech on fear and power, Falcone owes his place in Gotham to his ability to take a tremendous risk for outrageous personal reward. Also, like Falcone, Sagittarius types are immensely business savvy.

3 Lucius Fox Is A Capricorn Because Of His Workaholic Personality

Lucius Fox Dark Knight Trilogy jpeg

Fans might be able to count the number of times that Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox is outside of his lab. Lucius’ workaholic demeanor is identical to that of a Capricorn. Aside from his career focus, Lucius departs from his friend Bruce through his realistic outlook on the world.

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Lucius leans towards a pessimistic view of reality. Through his practical and cynical perspective, Lucius creates technology that thrives in the most unfavorable positions. In The Dark Knight, Lucius’ innate pessimism causes him to even question Batman’s motives.

2 Harvey Dent Has Several Traits That Align With Pisces

Harvey Dent Dark Knight Trilogy Jpeg

Most fans would envision Harvey Dent as the quintessential Gemini, but the definition applies more to Two-Face than Harvey. Before his horrific accident, Harvey was the toast of Gotham and considered the “white knight” for several traits similar to those of Pisces.

By their nature, Pisces are known for their compassion and charity. There is nothing that elicits more attention from Pisces than helping a friend in need. Two-Face presents a tragic inversion of the same traits that made Harvey a celebrated Gothamite and hero.

1 Ra’s Al Ghul’s Machiavellian Nature Functions Like That Of An Aquarius Sign

Ras Al ghoul dark knight trilogy jpeg

The Dark Knight trilogy never directly calls Ra’s immortal, but Nolan does sly allude to the notion. Irrespective of his supposed supernatural ability to cheat death, Ra’s does possess the Aquarius trait of being clever enough to outthink anyone. At that point, the reaper is a formality.

Erecting the league of shadows by himself, Ra’s displays another key Aquarius trait in his self-reliance. Also, Aquarius signs are hard to classify. Ra’s shows this trait by concealing his identity in Batman Begins’ first act.

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