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Weekly horoscope: Which way to jump? Trust your intuition | Life


OVERVIEW: Financial discussions affect many on a larger scale. It will be important how this will be spent or handed out. Those in control may have to relax restrictions a little to make things function better. Government or large corporations in focus with some of this.

Give each other the heads up before going public. The end result must be seen as fair play. The full moon in Taurus makes everyone more aware of material values and structures etc.

A selloff is timely. Intuition will be a guide on which way to jump. Physical effort may not be as necessary as originally thought. Those needing time out for self care will experiences needed benefits.

ARIES: You can be the key person when negotiations come down to the wire. Play it cool now.

TAURUS: Consult with those who can get results for you or cut to the chase. It will work out.

GEMINI: Future plans seem connected to distance or those that need to be reached remotely.

CANCER: Certain matters reach a conclusion and a change of associates is likely to happen.

LEO: Choices will affect residential matters or base of operations for you or others involved.

VIRGO: A low key approach will help you navigate obstacles to get what you have wanted.

LIBRA: Pressing a point can work in your favour, especially with finances or some assets.

SCORPIO: Remain strong in your position and those not on the same page will drop away

SAGITTARIUS: Research or behind the scenes matters need more focus. Discuss details.

CAPRICORN: Those in positions of power or influence are key to things you are wanting.

AQUARIUS: Career or reputation advancement can also improve your income potential.

PISCES: Plans to travel shape up so be selective with who you want involved with this.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Email: heather_zais@telus.net.

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