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Leo: From personality traits to love and relationships, here is all about the zodiac sign


Fierce, bold, charismatic, confident, king and queen. All these words and many more can be synonymous with a Leo. They are emotional, and good-hearted people. If you have been with a Leo, you would know that they are keepers.

Most of the time, a Leo is misunderstood as being arrogant and rude, however, it is only after you get to know them that you know their true personality and worth. They are just being elegant and often keep away from poking their nose into somebody’s else’s business.

For a Leo, it’s often hard to trust people because more often than not, they find themselves dejected and hurt.

Since Leo is a Sun Sign, it is ruled by positive energies. Hence, the people with this sign are optimistic, hard workers, fueled up with motivation and go-getters. They want nothing but the best in life, and perfection remains their mantra.

Leo zodiac sign

Zodiac element

People born between July 23 and August 22 falls under Leo, and fire is the zodiac element of these signs. This makes it clear why this zodiac sign is fierce and courageous. There’s absolutely nothing that can bring a Leo down.

Strength and weakness

Leo’s biggest strength is to create opportunities. They never believe in complaining instead create opportunities in whatever situation they are in. They are romantic, attractive and genuine people, and this is what gives them an edge over others.

Leo zodiac sign 1

Since they are always in pursuit of perfection, anything below their expectation is a no-go, be it about work, relationships or career. This is why they always get or earn, the best in life. They are goal-oriented. Their goals, often, look simple but are deep. They look for meaning in everything, and anything without it is a waste of time for them.

Their intelligence sets them apart from others and helps them identify what will work for them and whatnot. While they are risk-takers, it is their smartness that helps them in the long run.

While Leo is definitely strong, they have certain weaknesses, too. They are emotional, and a simple act of misconduct leaves them heartbroken. Most people they put their trust in, especially their friends, make use of their kind personality for their benefit and in the end, walk away from them. And a Leo often fails to recognise such people.

Love and relationships

Leo zodiac sign 2

Leo tops the list when it comes to being romantic. They fall in love deeply and truly and wants to be loved back the same way. For them, their relationships are their priority, and they always have got their loved one’s back. They will never hesitate in lending someone a helping hand.

When in love, they will make sure to give their partner their space and at the same time will be extremely caring and loving. They will be with their partner through thick and thin.

They are good at surprising people, especially their loved ones. Be it a romantic coffee date, or a sweet gesture of preparing their bae’s favourite food, they will do it all and at ease.

At times they can be doubtful about their relationships, but once they have found the one for them, they will know it and will stick to the person till life and death.


Leo zodiac sign 3

A Leo is best suited with its fellow fire signs, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. They share the same energies, thought processes and can go well with each other.

Air signs like Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, too, are compatible with Leo and will make for a good match.

While love and friendship is something that happens naturally and without any ifs and buts, if you are bonding well with a person and tend to share the same dynamics, there are chances that they are of the aforementioned zodiac signs.

Money matters

Leo zodiac sign 4

Leos are good at making money, but might not be brilliant in keeping it. While they know where exactly to spend their money, there are times when they are unable to manage it.

A Leo will always take up the career he or she likes, and this is why they are more likely to become successful. They earn well in whatever they do, and whenever they feel they are not being valued at an organisation, they won’t think twice about moving out. For them, their self-respect comes over money, and this helps them to stay on the right path. This is why a Leo never follows money, but money does follow a Leo most of the time.

Here is what you can expect from a Leo.



Risk-taking ability

Never giving up attitude





Never-ending care








Leo zodiac sign 5

Why you should be with a Leo?

A Leo will motivate and encourage you to follow your dreams and taste success. Leos are the ones who like to see everyone happy, and they are the happiest when their close ones succeed in their respective lives. You will never find a Leo who envies anyone even if they are more successful than them. They understand the fact that success has many meanings, and it comes in different ways to different people at different times.

One of the many reasons for being with a Leo is that they make you feel special, loved, and appreciated all the time. Their romantic vibes are enough to turn the atmosphere around you hopelessly romantic and make you feel nothing less than a king or queen. Their romantic side, often, dominates all of their other feelings.

A Leo is a giver, and when somebody gives back to him or her, there’s no way a Leo will be forgetting it. You will be getting a lot of love, respect and appreciation from Leo. You will be valued at all times, and will always top Leo’s priority list if you have found the way to their heart. Whatever situation you might be in, a Leo will always be just a call away.

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