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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Is Thinking Of Them During Moon In Aries On November 15, 2021


It’s almost hard NOT to think of one’s ex during the Moon in Aries, as this transit tends to inspire feelings of nostalgia, as well as regret.

You may have these feelings yourself, and you may find yourself strolling down memory lane, remembering the good old days of what it was like being with the special person who is no longer in your life — not as a romantic partner, at least.

You may also get a gut feeling that someone from your past is thinking of you.

You know how that feeling is? You react to a smell or a visual, and suddenly you recall something from your past, and you might assume that they are ‘out there’ feeling and sensing the same thing.

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And you’d be right. This is the season, after all, for common threads: holidays, gifts, get-togethers — all these things are the stuff that makes up memories, and if you’re remembering and thinking of them, they are no doubt, thinking of you, too.

The Moon in Aries may bring up those memories, though its nature is to bring them up, overthink them, and eventually regret them.

Aries is a funny influence, it can make us drum up strong emotion, but it can also turn that emotion into regret if we stay there too long.

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