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Weekly Horoscope: November 14 to November 20, 2021


Your weekly horoscope is here! Think long and hard about special evenings  as the monthly emotional cycle peaks on a note of sensuality. Whether it’s a drinks date with a friend or classic dinner and candles with your person, embrace the moment and the world around you with passion. 

Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of Nov 14 through Nov 15, 2021.

March 21–April 19


Money matters this week as emotional security may feel tied into financial and physical security. Work out what it is that may be niggling at you so you can address it. What do you need to feel a sense of stability? Reset your perception to see options you weren’t noticing before. There’s a myriad of choices. Perhaps brainstorm with friends who have various views to stimulate a fresh outlook or eureka moment. Check any imbalance between yourself and what you share with someone else, and ensure it’s equal and reciprocal. 

April 20–May 20


This week is all about you as the full moon ripens in your sign on Friday. Notice what its light reveals. What or who captivates you right now? If your direction, outlook, or look could do with a reset or pivot, spend the week working on it. This is your chance to balance project you with project us, a significant person or relationship in your life. If things have leaned too far in either direction, get clear on it and set boundaries. A challenge may come from extra demands in your career sector, so be sure to attend to each area rather than favor one at the expense of the others. 

May 21–June 21


Immersion and intensity in your work zone are best balanced with time to yourself dropping in and zoning out. If you feel like company, aim for a high vibe situation, perhaps an artistic or spiritual class that lifts the vibration. Keep conversation high-minded, and listen to your body this week. As Friday approaches, your dreams may be extra, so tease them out by setting up a journal to record them on waking. If you have a question, welcome the answer as an epiphany is possible, but this one is subtle, so read the signs without overthinking them. 

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