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3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Out Their Partner Has Been Cheating, November 13 – 16, 2021


When we experience the full-throttle affect of the Moon in Pisces, we feel emotionally drained and exceptionally sensitive. Everything has the potential for high drama, and if that weren’t enough, we go looking for it.

There’s an expression that goes, “If you look for knowledge, be prepared to find it.” This basically implies that if we seek out trouble, we should know that trouble is what we’re about to get. Enter: relationship problems of the most troubling kind.

Your partner has been disloyal. You don’t know this for sure, but you suspect this cheating might be happening.

If you ask them, you know they’ll lie. After all, who fesses up for things like this? Some people would rather cheat, keep it a secret, get past the affair and go back home to an unsuspecting partner who is happily unaware.

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Then again, there are those who demand ultimate transparency; all truths must be out and lies are not permitted.

We stamp our relationship as ‘monogamous’ and we won’t accept anything that contradicts this status. And you know what happens when we create ideals, right? We get to see them crumble, as ideals are illusory things that can rarely be maintained in the real world.

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