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Your Weekly Horoscope for November 14-21



June 22-July 22

Trouble or doubt regarding your love life will dissipate and you’ll have more clarity and resolve when making decisions. Expect a bit of drama and conflict with friends towards the end of the week. Perhaps someone needs to be put in their place.


July 23-August 22

Balancing your private and public lives will be a challenge. Share the love but keep some for yourself. Friday’s full moon/lunar eclipse will thrust you into the spotlight, inspiring you to perform to the best of your abilities.


August 23-September 22

Taking the road less travelled, whether the journey is short or long, should be your priority. The universe is manifesting creative ways to get you off the daily grind and onto a more adventurous path.


September 23-October 22

Money matters! You have a wonderful line-up in your finance sector that will enhance your earning power and give you a burning desire to chase the big bucks. By Friday, the urge to merge will deepen your romantic connections.


October 23 – November 22

Time to put yourself first! Speak your truth, answer to your higher self and exude authenticity. Friday’s lunar eclipse, however, draws your focus to relationships, both romantic and platonic, highlighting problems but also bringing solutions.


November 23-December 20

Establishing a healthy routine that boosts your wellbeing has been the theme of this month so far. From Friday, though, a deeper sense of spirituality will be your focus.


December 21-January 19

Lately you’ve seen how rewarding your friendships are when you give your energy to the right people. Now you’ll experience the same form of enrichment on a romantic level.


January 20-February 18

You’ve been fixated on your career, which is a good thing, and you’ll get back even more than you put in. Towards the weekend, though, nothing will compare to being with loved ones.


February 19-March 20

Knowledge will come from unlikely sources, leading you to question your ideals. If you need to reach someone, wait until Friday when the lunar eclipse enhances communication.

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