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What TikTok trend are you based on your zodiac sign? – The Etownian


Aries: The trend for you, dear Aries, is the “Girlbossed too close to the sun.” With all your ambitions that sometimes don’t work, you probably have plenty of content for this trend.

Taurus: Taurus, the perfect trend for you is the “I understood the assignment.” Your hardworking nature often leads to perfectionism which means you always understand the assignment.

Gemini: For the Gemini that likes to be a little secretive, the “Tell Me Without Telling Me” trend works best for you. You’ll get to share your gossip in a fun way.

Cancer: The trend for Cancers is the “Ratatouille” musical. Like the people who created it, you are strong-willed and determined. These songs will warm your heart!

Leo: The perfect trend for the ambitious Leos to engage in is the Bo Burnham “Bezos” song trend. Here, you’ll get to show your accomplishments without bragging.

Virgo: In order for someone to get to know you, they must be willing to go into the “Thick of It” which fits perfectly with the Backyardigans’ song that overtook TikTok.

Libra: The trend for the harmony-seeking Libra is laundry TikTok or the cleaning side of TikTok. Watching houses go from eye-sores to “I wish I lived there” will scratch that itch in your brain.

Scorpio: Because of your unpredictable nature Scorpio, the TikTok trend for you is the Duolingo Owl. Try dueting him next time and see your view count rise!

Sagittarius: Due to your natural curiosity, the perfect trend for you is the “Da Vinky” trend. Add in the fact that it was created by brothers and you are a family sign, it works great.

Capricorn: Your natural confidence can sometimes lead to situations in which you are the best so the trend for is the “Am I Better than Everyone?” You’ll have a lot of the material for this.

Aquarius: For the extroverted Aquarius with seemingly no limit of friends, the “Introduce Your Group” trend is best for you. You’ll get to show off you and your friends’ quirks.

Pisces: The “Berries and Cream” sound has been around for ages but only recently gained popularity, which is similar to you being the oldest sign. Plus, it also has whimsical vibes like you.

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