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The Spider-Verse Spider-Man You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


An impressive oddity among all of Spider-Man’s multiversal counterparts, Takuya Yamashiro effortlessly becomes the center of attention during any Spider-Verse mission. Then again, you probably would be, too, if you always charged into battle piloting Leopardon, a gigantic transforming robot with a massive sword. Similarly, people born under the fire sign Leo can easily command respect and awe at any gathering (though they don’t even need Supaidaman’s robot to do it).

Like their animal namesake, Lions are characteristically courageous, and are known to be steadfast in championing causes they believe in and fighting injustice when they see it. In many ways, this is exactly how the self-proclaimed Emissary of Hell operates: He is on a never-ending quest to vanquish evil, fighting monster after monster to keep his city safe. However, despite his commanding presence, Takuya is warm and well-mannered towards his Spider-counterparts, always willing to lend a hand in pursuit of the greater good, much like typical Leos.

Supaidaman isn’t completely without hubris, though. Like Leo-born folks, the Japanese Spider-Man is fond of grand gestures — if his frequent use of Leopardon in battle isn’t already a massive clue. This proclivity for showmanship, another signature Leo trait, is also evident in the way he chooses to use Sword Vigor, Leopardon’s most powerful attack, as a finishing move in his battles, instead of leading with it and saving time (as the Superior Spider-Man pointed out to him in “Spider-Geddon” #3).

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