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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love With Their Best Friend, November 11 – 13, 2021


During the Moon in Aquarius, people tend to romanticize things. When we ‘romanticize’ something, we introduce the idea of something rare, something special — something that has loving promise, and we imagine romantic scenarios…we may even project romance on to situations that ‘seem’ less than romantic.

But during this transit, we will fantasize about the idea of ‘What if?’ What if I fell in love with my best friend? What if…they loved me back?

Aquarius transits always give us a little extra to think about. We tend to fantasize during this time, and when the Moon is in Aquarius, our minds may pick up on signals coming from our own friends. There is nothing new to the idea of falling in love with one’s best friend.

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This isn’t about straight intimacy — this is about romance and opening one’s self up to the idea that maybe the best person we could find for love is the person we’ve been loving and trusting all along: our best friend.

If we can get past the stigmas of what’s supposed to be and what’s expected of us, we might find ourselves on the road less traveled; the road that doesn’t require anyone’s approval — the road where we ride off into an imaginary sunset with our best friend at our side. Moon in Aquarius is just the transit to set this off and running.

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