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Online Psychics: Top Tarot Card Reading Sites For 100% Accurate & Cheap Tarot Readings | Trusted Astrologers For Free Reliable Predictions


There isn’t a single person that doesn’t wish to know what the future holds and how certain situations are going to play out. We have all been there and we know exactly how you are feeling. Maybe you wish to know if you are going to get the career of your dreams, when you are going to meet your soulmate, or if you are having certain concerns about your health.

Whatever the case, in these times it’s better for you to stop guessing, instead get counsel from an online psychic reading expert that has the natural gift to see into your life path, and give you the guidance you need.

We know that it’s not that easy to go to a clairvoyant during these chaotic times with this whole pandemic thing going on, but don’t worry since there are online psychics you can contact at any time from the comfort of your own home.

But in the ocean of psychic websites available, the whole process of finding out which one will give you the most accurate reading can put you into a little trouble. We did our best to find the real ones that offer more than just fortune-telling, but free minutes, discounts, and many other advantages you are yet going to discover.

Our List Of The Best Online Psychics In The Market:

  • Kasamba – Overall Best Psychic Reading Website & Online Tarot Reading
  • Keen – Psychic Readers For Accurate Psychic Readings On Call or Chat
  • AskNow – Online Psychic Medium To Get Psychic Predictions & Life Insights
  • Oranum – Trusted Psychic Source For Astrologer Reading Online
  • MysticSense – Psychic Interactive Sessions with Best Psychics

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Kasamba – Overall Best Psychic Reading Website & Online Tarot Reading


With over two decades of experience, Kasamba has served as the light at the end of the tunnel to millions of people from all over the world. No matter where you are at the moment, Kasamba will come through for you in your most troubling of times with their highly specialized psychic experts that excel in various fortune-telling ranges.

We suppose you are a new user, so here is where Kasamba it’s the best you can pick out of the online psychic world. Their website interface is pretty easy and comprehensive to navigate so you won’t struggle to find what you are looking for. Everything is out in the open, starting from the prices of the advisors, their overall experience, and how helpful they’ve been to other customers using their services.

Kasamba’s top features

When it comes to giving out customer advantages, no one stands stronger than Kasamba. Starting from their free three-minute package you can utilize it to check if you have found what you are looking for in a reading through the way you connect with your chosen psychic.

Kasamba doesn’t leave anything to chance and wants to bring a pleasing experience to every customer coming to their platform, promising to give a full refund if anything about the reading goes down, moreover returning the wasted minutes with another advisor.

We all know that real psychics have a hell of a price even for the shortest most basic readings, and this is one of the rarest places where you can get any type of reading with the highest rated psychics for a surprisingly low cost. The price range starts from $1.50 per minute to $25 per minute according to the psychics’ reputations, area of expertise, and years of experience. First-time clients can get up to 50% discounts.

What is Kasamba most well known for

People have been reaching Kasamba’s services about various aspects of life they needed divine intervention. They are most well known for giving the best readings on love and relationships with their exceptionally intuitive psychics that can perfectly tune into your energy and just know the right way to approach you and make you feel at ease to share your heart matters.

Feeling like you have bad luck in love and you are facing heartbreaks all of the time? Or you are having a hard time getting over your ex? Kasamba’s psychics can guide you towards seeing the bigger picture and what the future has in store for you.

But this is just a glimpse of their abundant spectrum to choose from when it comes to psychic readings as there are lots of other types of predictions including customers’ past and future, analysis of dreams, spiritual healing services, divine counsel, and conveying messages from dead ones.

If you are one of those people that find it kind of intimidating to approach some unknown persona online and spill your guts about your problems, Kasamba’s psychics are very friendly and happy to make sure to cheer you up and make you feel comfortable during the reading.


  • Trustworthy psychic platform with the most positive rates and decades’ worth of experience
  • Variety of specialties to choose from including qualifications, areas of expertise, skills, price, and experience
  • Affordable prices and discounts
  • Free three-minutes reading for new users


  • All readers have different ways of contact

Customer’s reviews

While many other websites show generic reviews that don’t really prove anything. Kasamba has all its users’ identities and IDs previously checked to ensure completely honest testimonials. Starting from there, this is one of the most reliable places to get a psychic reading plus get many advantages that other sites usually never offer.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. Keen – Psychic Readers For Accurate Psychic Readings On Call or Chat


Keen Psychics emerged in the online psychics’ world in the early 90s and today stands as an auxiliary for top quality for managing to build a community of advisors that give assistance and reassurance to customers to whatever personal matters they struggle with.

The platform uses especially rigorous testing on the psychics before being hired to make sure they are naturally intuitive to give accurate readings. Ensuring customers fully commit to trusting their selected advisors and leaving no room for doubts that they won’t have a pleasing experience.

With the simple and interactive navigation and well-organized list of psychics, browsing to find what you are looking for it’s going to be a breeze for you.

Keen’s top features

The most convenient feature about Keen psychics is that they let you pick a specialty, mode of communication, and budget range. A super-easy way to find what’s relevant to your preferences just in a couple of clicks. Also, if you are coming with a tight budget, you can set the minimum amount you’re willing to pay and the site will find you the perfect match with its own logarithm.

You can choose the advisors across 25 categories that cover every aspect of life and existence, like tarot card readings, palm readings, fortune-telling, astrology and birth charts, and more. If you want to try something unique, Keen has Mayan astrology, pet psychics, aura cleansing, and spiritual healing.

There are deals and promotions sections where Keens has a lot of goodies for you. Including free minutes to value packs to get the most accurate psychic reading at a throwaway price. All of the packages come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee crediting you with Keen’s dollars you can redeem on the sites’ currency so you can get more sessions with other advisors on the platform.

What is Keen most well known for

Whatever type of communication you prefer, Keen has them all. Keen specializes in giving general readings carried out using the psychic’s natural abilities. They’re able to give you clarification on whatever area of your life they feel you need, through tarot, numerology or energy reading.

If you have questions about your current relationships or love life in general, there are over 75 psychics at your disposal. When you come into a situation to make a big life decision, 50 readers of Keen’s psychics can help you out find the right path and help you choose what’s most beneficial for you.

Tarot card readings have been around for centuries, and Keen has gathered one of the most specialized readers to use tarot as a medium. There is a special Tarot Card Category regarding different types of decks. The rarest found in the online psychic world is Keen’s Spiritual readers that specialize in guidance from spiritual forces, ancestors, and angels.


  • Affordable psychic readings starting at $1 per minute
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for reliable readings on every personal matter
  • Special offers for new users including 10 minutes on the first session at $1.99
  • Customer service is available 24/7 for any issues customers may be facing


  • Still no video call readings available

Customer’s reviews

One of the main things that set Keen apart from the other platforms is the wide selection of psychics and types of readings. The ability to explore psychics’ profiles without having to create an account, and getting to speak to the preferred psychics even if you are a new user is a great option to check whether you made the right choice before spending your money.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#3. AskNow – Online Psychic Medium To Get Psychic Predictions & Life Insights


One thing is for sure and that is – AskNow is not your typical psychic reading network, and the reason behind that is the fact that here you are about to get life-changing answers about everything you want to ask. AskNow’s psychics are fully equipped to give you guidance on every ambiguity you are facing in your life now, whether it’s about your love life, career, friends etc.

AskNow evaluates each psychic through a meticulous screening process based on their commitment, accuracy, and skill of their practice. This ensures their clients get insightful revelations and relevant advice on their problems. Whatever issues you and your advisor are going to discuss, will remain completely discreet, safe, and protected.

AskNow’s top features

You probably already have figured out what topic you want to have a reading for; starting from here, AskNow has the filter tool with precise options to enable you to find the right psychic that will speak your mind. You can choose according to the psychic’s communication methods, availability, and the category he specializes in. Their most popular psychics are the Master Advisors that give the most successful readings.

While other sites offer free minutes at the beginning of each reading, AskNow has a far more preferable option which is free questions and consultation. Moreover, you can check their articles and video section that include helpful tutorials and insights on how to make the most of your experience on their site.

On a budget user? Here is where AskNow comes in handy, offering their ‘Introductory’ section where you can find great deals on their best psychics that offer cheap readings for new clients, without losing out on the legitimacy and truthfulness of the predictions. Don’t feel hesitant about your comfort zone cause you can easily switch between phone and chat psychic readings to see which way you find prefer the most.

What is AskNow most well known for

Whatever kind of uncertainty you have in mind, AskNow psychics will give you a swift and straightforward answer. Have you been single for too long and you are wondering when you are going to meet your perfect math? Is the person you are currently with your soulmate? Are you going to get that long-awaited promotion? You can get clarification and insight on every one of these questions.

Do you have certain preferences on how you want your reading to be conveyed to you? AskNow’s psychics are highly sensitive and intuitive to the client’s tone and vibration and know just the right way to approach you so you will have a pleasant experience. Before being approved to give readings, every advisor undergoes a detailed screening test for the truthfulness of their abilities.

The site promises to credit any unsatisfied user with 5 minutes of free reading so they can find a different advisor that will be well suited for their needs. Also, customer service is available round the clock which means you can reach out to them at any time of the day.


  • Only highly experienced psychics get approved to give readings on the platform
  • Satisfaction guarantee with free five-minute consultation to find the accurate reader
  • Precise platform filter for finding what matches you criteria the best
  • Discreet and absolutely confidential


  • Every reader has their own communication methods that might not suit all the users

Customer’s reviews

Judging from the plethora of high ratings and feedback, it’s completely safe to say that AskNow is a totally legit operation. There are no complaints concerning the accuracy of the readings and customer service, meaning that the site meets all the user’s expectations of what they promise to deliver.

=> Click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#4. Oranum – Trusted Psychic Source For Astrologer Reading Online


Do you want a face-to-face reading where you can see who you are talking to and if they are giving you the full attention? Oranum offers you the opportunity to have a live video reading, completely confidential from the commodity of your own home. This way you can make sure that your psychic will get attuned to your energy and act upon the vibration you are sending to give you completely accurate answers.

There is no need to feel self-conscious about it since all the psychics are friendly and always in a good mood to cheer you up and make you feel at ease when putting your hearts matters out. Oranum approves only the most professional and naturally intuitive advisors that won’t cause any kind of disturbance to clients for revealing their persona.

Oranum’s top features

If you are a newbie in the wonderful world of webcam and you aren’t feeling “ready” for a close-up with your psychic, meaning all the preparation including changing out of your pajamas, brushing your hair, and putting on some lipstick, then, Oranum still has the standard and fully anonymous ways to get your reading. You can either contact them through email or online chat.

Oranum is completely transparent about everything concerning their range of advisors; putit all in the open so you can check their bios, areas of specialties, languages, ratings, and previous experience. Each of their psychic is more than happy to schedule a meeting according to your availability since most of them work 24/7.

Like all good psychic sites, Oranum offers free reading replacement so if you aren’t happy with your overall experience using their site, you are allowed to get another one with a different psychic which fully compensates for the higher price range they have.

What is Oranum most well known for

Oranum really leaves no space for you to feel dissatisfied and even more troubled after leaving their service. Here is where they allow you to meet the psychic before you even engage in having a reading with any one of them. Oranum has an open chat option where you can sign in to the psychics’ group live sessions, ask them questions, and see them in action.

Looking for something really specific? Standard readings like tarot and astrology don’t really catch your eye and you want to try something different? Oranum goes above and beyond to offer the most distinctive services that include Angel Communication, Chinese Astrology, Holistic Healing, Sound Healing, and much more that you won’t find on other online psychic platforms.


  • Interactive and easy to use interface with lots of browsing tools
  • Psychics are available 24 hours a day and speak different languages
  • Blog with free horoscopes and a lot of educational stuff
  • Free live chat with a psychic of your choice
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Customers have to purchase credits instead of paying per minute

Customer’s reviews

All the bragging about their innovative feature of live streaming is totally justified, stating from users comments about how accurate their readings are. Oranum is a good fit for anyone that wants to connect to a real psychic and spiritual community using the most up-to-date technology.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

#5. MysticSense – Psychic Interactive Sessions with Best Psychics


Once you enter their website, you can already feel the welcoming energy. Within moments you’ll get a chat pop-up asking you what you need. The team is exceptionally responsive and will answer your questions in no time.

MysticSense stands to abide by your wills, starting from the point where you can make your psychic match criteria as detailed as possible. You can search according to the type of reading you want, the communications methods, and in what kind of tone you prefer to be delivered to you. Also, you can customize your budget limit to find a match that won’t break your pocket.

MysticSense top features

MysticSense offers you to choose between various types of psychic readings depending on what kind of answers you are seeking. You can drill down through lots of categories, filter by specialties, expertise and tools, and even the type of reading style you find most appealing. Specialties range from fortune-tellers, mediums, love psychics, astrologers, and much more.

You can filter through subjects like relationships and love, family, sexuality, dream interpretations, and career goals. Whatever it is you are struggling with on a daily basis, these psychic readers are specialized to assist you to overcome any kind of life obstacles.

Looking for something particular other than tarot card readings? How about angel cards, ruins, reiki, dowsing, crystals? You can search through those parameters if you want to try different tools and imagery to get a completely different perspective of life.

And getting a reading with all these kinds of advantages isn’t necessarily going to cost you a whole fortune, since MysticSence has prices anywhere from low to moderate, making it available for those with a low budget to still be able to afford a high rating psychic reading.

What is MysticSence most well known for

Whatever type of uncertainty you are facing, MysticSense has the right psychic for it. You can filter through “Finding new love” types of readings, “Mid-life crisis”, “Life Path and destiny” and much more precise preferences. Even if you approach them without having the exact clue what you want to be the theme of your reading, MysticSense psychics have a sixth sense to deliver the right spiritual message you need to hear.

Furthermore, they offer a possibility to set the tone of your reading since every person takes information differently. Some of us want them to be delivered in a more gentle manner while others prefer a direct and straightforward kind of way. Luckily, MysticSenses’ advisors are naturally gifted to find the right way of expression for you to better comprehend it.

You can even check for a schedule according to your local time anytime that is the most convenient for you so you won’t have to cancel out your plans or skip from work to have a reading. The psychics are more than happy to connect with you anytime you need a reading.


  • Abundant range of psychics specialized in different types of readings
  • Variety of different communication methods including phone, video, email or chat
  • Highly detailed filtering option
  • The first five minutes are free for all the users
  • A community forum where you can chat with other users and share experiences


  • No free horoscope as many other sites have
  • Still not available on mobile app

Customers reviews

Overall user experience states that MysticSence is a whole package where you can find everything you need in one place. Their most popular and loved feature is the fact that readings can be held in a particular tone which makes them more engaging and fun.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mystic Sense

Buying Guide: What can you expect from a psychic reading?

We are more than sure that you are feeling anxious about your reading, guessing what the psychic can possibly tell you. There is no need for fear or since the psychic can clearly identify what kind of problems you are facing and find the best way to deliver the necessary messages without putting you into a more unpleasant situation.

Don’t worry, the psychic isn’t going to announce any dreadful prediction like when you are going to die or that you’ll never reach your goals in life and be miserable. Real psychics offer guidance and cannot predict that kind of thing.


As we stated above, feeling anxious is completely normal. Nonetheless, expert psychics are familiar with those kinds of things and know the exact way how to make you feel more comfortable and involved during the session. Psychics will always approach you with a positive attitude to ensure that you aren’t feeling repulsed or intimidated.

Personal type of questions

Usually, the readers act upon intuition so you should excerpt various personal questions to get a more accurate reading. Having a reading with a reputable psychic won’t cause you any trouble concerning your personal information being exposed to the public since every online psychic reading platform has a privacy policy that advisors and reading providers have to obey.

Conversing with your psychic

During your first session you may face some problems with comprehension, but always keep in mind that you are completely free to ask questions about every ambiguity. Ideally, every reader will let you some time for you to get going with the situation. Moreover, they will offer you additional clarification to make it as possible as it can for you to understand everything that is spoken.

You are allowed to speak freely about any doubts you have and how you feel in the moment so the reader can find the right way to approach you and help you tune into the reading.

FAQs about Online Psychics

Q. How genuine is the advice from an online psychic reader?

One of the most common misconceptions nowadays is that many individuals feel that sites offering online psychic readings are untrustworthy. No matter the fact that everything is held out virtually, real psychics do not require face-to-face interaction to be able to feel the energy and vibration of the client. All they need is you to come prepared with the right questions and mindset and feel comfortable enough about speaking your life matters.

Q. Why do people reach out to psychics?

Psychics have existed since the dawn of humanity. They have a unique connection with the natural energies and feel, hear, and seething you’ll never will. There are many people out there who strongly believe in their powers to be able to predict the future and prevent misfortune.

Others simply are curious about what impact they can bring into their lives, reaching out with tons of questions to make a better sense of present circumstances. You shouldn’t have to rely on other people’s ideas of what psychics are, instead get to experience yourself and see what kind of feelings you’ll be left with.

It’s important for you to approach with an open mind and positive attitude since any restricted approach won’t lead you to any kind of satisfaction. No matter how hopeless and confused you feel at the moment, it’s better to put your trust in the psychic advisor to clear your pathway so you can find what you are meant for.

Q. What is the ideal way of communication for a psychic reading?

All of the platforms we have reviewed offer a variety of mediums including live video chat, phone call, email, or online chat. Most users say that the most accurate readings are the live video chat readings where you can clearly see your psychic reader and feel the shared energy.

However, you should choose according to what feels like a more convenient method. Many users don’t feel very comfortable speaking in front of a camera, so the first and most important thing is to choose a medium that speaks to your senses.

No matter what your choice will be, a skilled reader will still have the ability to provide you with the guidance you are seeking.


Nowadays literally everyone can proclaim themself as a psychic, and there are plenty of those that prey on people’s troubles getting them into a more miserable situation than they were before.

Reading through the reviews and experience on the internet can take you a lot of time and energy, so we have done the work for you to find the most trusted and reliable ones available on the internet. These sites work with only attested experts that have real experience with people and studied a variety of fortune-telling techniques before they started to offer their service.

So instead of getting too far into your head about whatever life is currently throwing in your face, consulting with a real psychic expert can really get you out of that stressful situation. Sometimes there are certain things in our life that are right in front of us, the only thing we need is a little divine help for our life to start changing for the better.

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