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3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Unlucky In Love On November 11 – 12, 2021


Three zodiac signs who are unlucky in love will feel the impact of the Void of Course Moon from November 11 to November 12, 2021 when it moves from Aquarius into Pisces.

What an interesting name we have here: the Void Of Course Moon.

What is this? Well, we all know that the Moon transits through all of the constellations, all the time.

However, there’s a period of time when it’s not in any particular zodiac sign and so, before it hits a new zodiac sign, say for instance Moon in Scorpio, it goes through a period of time called the Void Of Course.

Sound ominous, doesn’t it?

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While it’s not really special or ominous, it also leaves us without an influence to guide us, and that alone can bring about misfortune when it comes to love and romance.

During this Void Of Course Moon transit, a few of us will feel distinctly unlucky in love.

No luck in love? It might be time to retreat for a short while to get your bearings.

This isn’t a time for worry, as things are what they are, and all things will pass, even feelings of unluckiness in love.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Unlucky In Love During The Void Of Course Moon On November 11, 2021:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

You don’t like to think of yourself as unlucky in anything, which is why you tend to accept everything in your life, even that which you no longer can stand.

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