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Your horoscope for Nov 12-18


Your spot-on horoscope for work, money, couples & singles from the Bangkok Post’s famously accurate fortune teller. Let’s see how will you fare this week & beyond!

– (⛹) is for work, (฿) is for money, (♥) is for coupled life and (⚤) is for single life
– You can also view previous ones at https://bit.ly/353fcoa

♈ Aries

Mar 21 – Apr 19

(⛹) You become more productive and creative next week. If you’re a seller, it’s doesn’t take a lot for you to convince your customers to buy your stuff. Entrepreneurs may forge a business alliance with someone they recently met. 

(฿) A financial negotiation is likely to go your way. If you’re trying to sell something, you may meet a customer who’s eager to buy it from you.  

(♥) Couples know when to spend “us time” and “me time”. If you have a foreign partner, your plan to relocate and join them is almost complete.

(⚤) You’ll finally get over your ex and you don’t even want to check their social media. You may meet someone you find interesting during the second half of Nov.  

♉ Taurus

Apr 20 – May 20

(⛹) Small but urgent tasks may interrupt your work progress. You manage your priorities well while multitasking. If your job requires creativity, people readily buy your ideas because they are that good. 

(฿) The item that you have your eye on will be further discounted. Just wait a bit longer. Don’t celebrate too hard this festive season as your household expense may unexpectedly increase. 

(♥) Couples are each other’s source of support and positive energy. If you’re unmarried, your partner may propose to you. 

(⚤) You’re chatting with several people online. You don’t find anyone to be boyfriend/girlfriend material for you.  

♉ Gemini

May 21 – Jun 20

(⛹) Regardless of where you work from, you communicate with colleagues effectively. You impress everyone in the office. You may be tasked to lead a small team if you haven’t been a leader before. If you already are a leader, you may be tasked to spearhead a big project.  

(฿) A financial negotiation is likely to go your way. If you have a tax problem, it will finally be resolved. 

(♥) Your Loy Krathong celebration may feel like your second Valentine’s Day. If you’re unmarried, you may be proposed to on the full moon night.  

(⚤) You may celebrate Loy Krathong with someone you’re talking to. If you’re seeing no one, you may meet someone online and hit it off with them. 

♋ Cancer

Jun 21 – Jul 22

(⛹) What seems difficult may be easy-peasy for you. A project that you’re about to finish will become a success. Ladies, you may be awarded a position that usually goes to men. If you run a startup, you may succeed in convincing an investor to give you moolah. 

(฿) Your former mentor or old friend may hook you up with a side hustle opportunity. Online sellers achieve their revenue goals. Those who promised to repay you keep their word.

(♥) Couples argue less and love more. Your upcoming wedding will transpire without a hitch. The trip to obtain a marriage licence will go smoothly. 

(⚤) You’re very happy with your singledom. A relative or a close friend who’s happily in a relationship may try to introduce you to someone.  

♌ Leo

Jul 23 – Aug 22

(⛹) Someone may break their verbal promise, betray you or steal confidential info. They will be your new sworn enemy. You’ll receive help from colleagues during this tough time so be sure to thank them. 

(฿) Your loan application may be rejected. Someone may decide not to buy something from you as first agreed at the last minute. 

(♥) If you’re unfaithful, you may expose yourself through your own carelessness. If you don’t handle the ensuing drama well, you’ll celebrate Loy Krathong alone. 

(⚤) Your crush may suddenly go Facebook official with their BF/GF. The good news is that it won’t take long for you to get over them.

♍ Virgo

Aug 23 – Sept 22

(⛹) Beware of communication through texts with colleagues as the nuance may be lost. Add emojis to make sure they know your tone. The good old phone call may be better. Your pitch may meet with lukewarm reception at a meeting.

(฿) While you’re far from being cash-strapped, don’t celebrate too much ’cause there are people who rely on you for money. Someone who promises to pay you back may ask for a deferment.  

(♥) If you’re having someone on the side, you may get caught by your official partner. However, you may be able to convince both parties to consider ménage à trois.

(⚤) The closer you’re to Loy Krathong, the more secrets you discover about the person you’re talking to. S/he may turn out to be a bad thing you should leave behind.  

♎ Libra

Sept 23 – Oct 22

(⛹) Regardless of where you work from, you communicate with colleagues well and effectively. You radiate positive energy and people gravitate toward you. If you want to change jobs, you may be offered a position that comes with new challenges.

(฿) You acquire a new source of passive income. E-commerce owners make use of a new platform to the max. 

(♥) After a big fight, couples understand each other more. If you plan to relocate to another country to join your foreign partner, there are only a few steps left to complete the plan.

(⚤) Being creative or humorous when you confess your love to someone can increase your chance of success. The first kiss on Loy Krathong night is on the cards. 

♏ Scorpio

Oct 23 – Nov 21

(⛹) If you recently had a job interview, you’ll hear back from it. Don’t tell anyone at your current office until you’ve made the final decision. Business owners can withstand the market’s fluctuation and fierce competition. 

(฿) Your household expense may unexpectedly increase. However, you manage to keep up with your savings goal as your income also increases. You may come across a well-paid freelance job on your Facebook newsfeed.  

(♥) A fight may unexpectedly turn into foreplay. If you’re unfaithful, you may accidentally expose yourself. There won’t be big drama but you’ll be forced to choose quickly. 

(⚤) You may sense a romantic spark between you and your friend. You’re not mano-ing and you may start an FWB arrangement with them.  

♐ Sagittarius

Nov 22 – Dec 21

(⛹) You get along better with colleagues of the older generation. First-jobbers, you’ll realise how important soft skills are to your office survival. Someone may take you in as their protege. If you lead a team, you may get a new member.

(฿) Someone who owes you money will finally cough up and pay. If you put things up for sale, you’ll receive buying offers quickly.   

(♥) Couples address any lingering issues between them during a heart-to-heart. Trying couples become expecting couples. Those in LDR may get to reunite soon. 

(⚤) If you’ve been showing romantic interest in your friend, s/he will finally warm up to the idea of dating you. Things between you will progress quickly after this.  

♑ Capricorn

Dec 22 – Jan 19

(⛹) Small but urgent tasks interrupt your work progress. You may be tasked to resolve an issue someone else left behind. Employers, you discover which employee of yours is a troublemaker. And it’s not who you expect.   

(฿) Your household expense increases but you also make a lot more money next week. A money-making opportunity can be yours but you’ll have to say yes quickly. 

(♥) Couples may celebrate Loy Krathong with a staycation and it’ll prove to be much more memorable than they expect. They know the right timing to bring up sensitive topics.

(⚤) You may realise that there’s no point in continuing an FWB relationship with someone. S/he connects with you on a level but it’s not enough to go Facebook official.   

♒ Aquarius

Jan 20 – Feb 18

(⛹) You complete major tasks and everything goes as planned. If you’re trying to convince people to buy your ideas, you’ll have to put extra effort into it. A helpful higher-up may not be able to openly show you support.

(฿) Business owners make about the same amount of revenues but they may be able to reduce operating costs. Don’t make a new investment just yet as better options are coming along. 

(♥) Your partner may threaten to break up with you if you’re demanding. They just want to be themselves when they’re around you and not to work so hard for your approval. 

(⚤) You may start talking with someone you really like. S/he doesn’t reciprocate your attraction right away but there are signs that s/he’s interested in you.  

♓ Pisces

Feb 19 – Mar 20

(⛹) You may have to work on Sat or Sun as you may have to deliver a big job before its original deadline. You have the rest of the weekend to recharge and refocus. A project that you’ve been working on for weeks will finally be complete. 

(฿) A windfall may land in your lap. Your portfolio generates a lot more returns than expected. You may meet a financial advisor who can help plan your future. 

(♥) Married couples communicate well but the romance between them is fading. Unmarried couples, one of you may be offered a great career opportunity that will put miles between you two or even in different time zones.  

(⚤) You’re very busy with work and/or study that you don’t have time to find love. However, you prefer being single to going on the first dates that go nowhere.

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