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The Hogwarts House You Belong In Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You might think Leo belongs in Gryffindor, given that house’s symbol is the noble lion. But in fact, those born between July 23 and August 22 are natural Slytherins. Sharp-eyed fans might note that this places Harry himself, born on July 31, in the house of the serpent. Is this sacrilege? Hardly. As the Sorting Hat points out, Harry could have done well in Slytherin. Leos like him are brave, but they’re also clever, skilled, and ambitious — the very traits Salazar Slytherin prized in his students.

Some of Slytherin’s bad rap is merited — Salazar was, after all, a noted bigot — but some of it is not. Ambition, for example, is not inherently evil, and neither is cunning. Sure, Voldemort uses both to terrorize the magical populace, but Severus Snape, a dyed-in-the-wool Slytherin, puts them towards saving the world. Leos are similarly clever and aspirational, which tends to land them in the upper echelons of their chosen fields. 

This sign is also inclined to pride and a love of luxury. Old Slytherin families like the Malfoys wear these tendencies on their sleeve. Their albino peacocks, top-of-the-line racing brooms, and opulent manor home are not exactly subtle. Most Leos aren’t like these pompous purebloods, though they should take care to keep themselves from becoming so. Just remember, Leo, if you’re carrying snake-headed canes and threatening people by hissing, “My father will hear about this,” you’ve gone too far.

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