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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Things will smooth out for you, and what you truly need will come


An intriguing week is in store. The Sun continues his journey in Scorpio, the Underworld, which is to say he is taking us on a journey into our unconscious. Hidden and forgotten memories will come to light under the Sun’s warm glow. Scorpio time is a wonderful, cathartic time that purges us of our vices. 

This week begins very nicely on Monday with the crescent Moon joining Venus in the western sky. This is always a beautiful and inspiring sight to behold after sunset. It’s an ideal time to light a candle and remind yourself of your objectives. Restate your hopes, dreams and aspirations. 

By Wednesday the cosmic atmosphere demands some hard work as some tough alignments feed your recalcitrant proclivities for freedom. You will refuse to be held back any longer. You will want to break away from the past and create a future that satisfies your search for happiness. 

The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio will enter a fixed sign battle with the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus in the fixed sign of Taurus will be the spark that triggers the Scorpio and Aquarius tension. These are the ingredients of a major moment of enlightenment. 

The First Quarter Moon on Thursday will bring relief as the Moon meets up with wise and jovial Jupiter. On Friday peace comes with an auspicious Sun trine to the healing power of Neptune. All’s well that ends well. Neptune will smooth things out for you. Mercury opposite innovative Uranus on Saturday will incite some innovative, perhaps even radical, ideas. Some pleasant surprises are in store for you this week. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 8, 2021.


You are now keen to speed up a process of growth and change in a very important area of your life. Be careful, though, because there is a risk that fast growth will result in certain important factors being overlooked. You should try to see to it that things happen gradually and naturally. It’s quality that you need to focus on, regardless of the pressure you feel or the apparent urgency to get something done fast. The Sun-Neptune link will help you slow things down and pay proper attention to all the details. Cherish your highest ideal and you’ll make progress toward it — not too fast, but just fast enough. 


Don’t allow yourself to feel threatened by anyone or anything this week. You are now rather like someone who has just run a marathon. You are physically drained but mentally still prepared to keep pushing on. It hasn’t yet sunk in that the race is over and the pressure is off. In the war against a recurring source of stress, you have recently won your biggest battle so far, even if you don’t yet realize it. The Sun-Neptune link will show you how far things have moved on. You’ll feel far better in a few days time — provided you remember that you are now fully entitled to relax. 


It is simply not possible to have enough faith in yourself at the moment. Even if it puts you at risk of appearing arrogant or overconfident, you must believe with all your heart that what you are doing is right for you — and then dedicate all your energy to the pursuit of your goal. You need, this week, every last ounce of certainty that you can muster, for there are obstacles in your path and unfair problems to overcome. It is rather as if you are caught in the midst of a tug of war. Opposing forces are pulling you in different directions. The Sun-Neptune link will help you trust what you feel, not what you think. Add weight to the side that makes most sense to your heart. 


It is not necessary to make a superhuman effort to sort out your problems this week. You need to apply steady, persistent energy rather than manifest sporadic explosions of enthusiasm followed by exhaustion. Set yourself a list of targets or goals. Move systematically through each item on the agenda, regardless of whether it brings a roaring success or leads to a depressing dead end. Just go as far as you can and then go on to the next thing on the list. Don’t be passionate, be persistent. And be sure of what you trust. The Sun-Neptune link indicates that if you keep on trying to do what’s right, you will succeed. It’s as simple as that. 


Some people see life as a game of chance, while others treat it as a strategic game of chess. You, however, rarely think of it as a game at all. You can, of course, easily manifest an air of composed levity but your light-hearted, carefree demeanour masks a deeper persona. You care profoundly about certain people and principles — and you take them very seriously. The astrological outlook, thanks to the Sun-Neptune link, will ease your worries and concerns. Do your best to relax. This week’s challenges, sudden changes and points of pressing conflict are not trivial, but nor are they as serious as they seem. In so far as life is a game, you are well set to win. 


You’ve got a big idea. The Sun-Neptune link is guiding you well. Still, you suspect that your plans may be too big or too difficult. What you are now hoping for, however, is neither impossible nor unreasonable. It’s just that there may be something a little unrealistic about the timeframe that you are envisaging. Everything seems more urgent than it should be. Someone else’s agenda appears to be influencing things. Unless you are absolutely certain that there is no time to lose, be careful not to spoil a process that is happening quite naturally by trying to speed it up. 


Often when a mechanical device or a car develops an intermittent fault, we feel tempted to wait until it gets worse before getting it fixed. We think that it may clear itself up or, because the fault is only occasional, so we conveniently forget it exists. Yet this warning sign of future trouble is something that should be paid heed. Nip the problem while it is still in the bud, and it will take much less effort to repair. As with machines, so with arrangements. The Sun-Neptune link is sending you a message about a preventative technique that ought to be applied to an important situation. 


On your journey down the pathway of life, you have now reached a section of road where several key routes meet. You need to slow down and pay careful attention to the signposts. There are many confusing diversions spread out before you. The options are baffling, yet you can instinctively feel that there will be big ramifications to whatever choice you make. You need discrimination now every bit as much as you need determination. Don’t allow anyone or anything to pressure you into making a hasty choice. The Sun-Neptune link will guide you well. All you need will come. 


All things considered, your astrological outlook is rather encouraging. The only trouble is that whenever we stop to consider all things, we inevitably find a few that we don’t much like. It is now becoming clear that you cannot let a cozy but fundamentally flawed arrangement continue indefinitely. It is standing in the way of much-needed progress. While you may not relish having to speak out on the subject, you can’t just sit back and hope for divine intervention. Be brave. Tackle the matter that so urgently needs attention. But don’t get uptight about it. The Sun-Neptune link will deliver more inspiring and joyful things to focus on. 


Happily, we all — no matter what burdens we have to carry — are occasionally granted joyous experiences that make it all worthwhile. The sky suggests that this week should bring just such an experience to you. Expect the unexpected. Be ready for people who have previously seemed sharp to turn soft. Or for a situation that once seemed hopeless to start overbrimming with positive possibilities. The Sun-Neptune link, this week, will mark a decisive change in the way that life treats you. You will find ways of relaxing and enjoying good fortune. It’s not all going to be good, but a lot of it is. 


Life on planet Earth can sometimes seem like one long hard slog. When the going gets heavy or rough, it is easy to forget that every moment is a precious gift; a unique opportunity to find and celebrate the magic of creation. What you would like now is a little action and adventure; change and challenge, excitement and tension; a little spontaneity and surprise; and the possibility of pleasure. That’s what you like. You thrive on it. With the Sun-Neptune link creating celestial bliss this week, it marks the beginning of something new and exciting for you. You shouldn’t expect it to happen all at once, but the trend is moving you steadily toward it. 


You don’t really see yourself as an authority figure. It’s not an image that sits well with your natural sense of identity. You can, of course, wield power and command respect when you want to. But you rarely want to for long. It may, then, come as some surprise to discover that you are held in high regard. With the Sun-Neptune link, this week, you will be able to easily summon inner wisdom and dispense consistently good advice. Others will be quick to see the advantage of accepting your guidance and, as long as you resist the temptation to abuse your advantage, you’ll do a lot of good for a lot of people.

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