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Which Period Drama Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


With the return of Dickinson and the upcoming return of Bridgerton, fans of historical dramas are itching to be transported back in time to their favorite eras. Whether that’s as far back as the 1700s or as recent as the 1980s, there are period dramas for every taste.

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With so many options for viewers to pick from, it can be hard to narrow down the search for the perfect period drama to cozy up with. But, if viewers are stumped, they can consult their zodiac charts and pick a show that lines up perfectly with their personality.

Aries: Anne With An E (2017 – 2019)

Available To Stream On Netflix

Anne goes on picnic in Anne With An E

Aries are some of the bravest and most tenacious people around, so they will relate to Anne’s fiery spirit as she navigates life in Green Gables and adjusts to life as an adopted orphan. Anne is one of the most likable characters on Anne With An E because she is charismatic and passionate, like many Aries, and is always coming up with new ideas.


With no shortage of energy, both Aries and Anne have a true joy for life. They’re also never afraid to speak their mind and voice their opinions, even if it’s frowned upon. They are enthusiastically and unapologetically themselves.

Taurus: The Crown (2016 – )

Available To Stream On Netflix

The Crown Cast poses for promotional imagery

The Crown is touted as being highly historically accurate, even if it takes some liberties, and that is an aspect of a historical drama that a Taurus greatly appreciates. Taureans love academics and learning, so they are always fact-checking the history shows that they watch.

Additionally, Taureans have a love of luxury, and there is nothing more luxurious than royalty. From the jaw-dropping tiaras to the gorgeous gowns, The Crown has enough luxury to make a Taurus faint, not to mention it’s one of Helena Bonham Carter’s best performances. There’s a chance a Taurus might even order a crown to wear as they cozy up in a blanket to binge the show.

Gemini: Outlander (2014 – )

Available To Stream On Netflix & Starz

Jamie and Claire about to kiss on their wedding night in Outlander

There aren’t too many people who could handle oscillating back and forth from the 1900s to the 1700s, then back to the 1900s, then back again to the 1700s. The adaptability that Claire Fraser shows when acclimating to a completely foreign time period is just like a Gemini.

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Geminis, with their quick thinking and intelligence, would be able to blend seamlessly into the Scottish highlands. They’re also outgoing enough to be able to pull off a networking plan like Jamie and Claire’s when they plot to stop the war from the top down.

Cancer: Peaky Blinders (2013 – )

Available To Stream On Netflix

John tells Polly to let Michael join the gang in Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is all about looking out for the future of the family, and that’s exactly what Cancers prioritize. They are very protective of those they consider close and would do anything to keep them safe, not unlike Tommy Shelby, who has to fight against Peaky Blinders’ most vicious antagonists for his family.

Being in a crime family means that loyalty is valued above all else, and Cancers would agree with that. When trying to outsmart detection, intuition about people and their intentions can be highly useful and Cancers are practically psychics. Cancers would shine in the cutthroat world of Peaky Blinders. 

Leo: Gentleman Jack (2019 – )

Available To Stream On HBO Max

Gentleman Jack Suranne Jones Sophie Rundle

Anne Lister is unlike any other woman in her time, carrying around the bright glow of confidence that many Leos carry. When it comes to her business, she’s a natural leader and she doesn’t let any man take advantage of her or try to outsmart her.

In her personal life, Anne Lister is incredibly kind-hearted and generous. She routinely puts others’ needs in front of her own, acting as a support system to her family and her beloved Ann Walker. Leos, likewise, are often the cheerleaders for those in their life, lifting them up when they’re down.

Virgo: Self Made (2020)

Available To Stream On Netflix

C.J. Walker smiling in Self made

Self Made tells the story of the first female self-made millionaire in American history, Madam C.J. Walker. The idea of self-made millionaire status is a thoroughly Virgo one, as they are the sign that believes that hard work and determination will always pay off.

Virgos are also one of the more creative signs, so they’ll appreciate some of the artistic licenses that Self Made took when telling Walker’s story. Walker takes her responsibilities as a business owner seriously, even crashing Booker T. Washington’s conference to make a plea for investors, and that fervent responsibility and passion is very Virgo in nature.

Libra: Bridgerton (2020 – )

Available On Netflix

Daphne in Netflix's Bridgerton

Libras are all about what’s fair, and Lady Whistledown is sure to even the playing field and bring socialites down to Earth with her groundbreaking drama in every episode. She is the diplomatic whistleblower and channels Libra energy while doing it.

Additionally, Libras are vivacious social butterflies, and the many balls and social outings throughout the series make them wish that they could be transported back to the Regency Era so they could don one of the main character’s best outfits and dance to an instrumental Ariana Grande song with Simon.

Scorpio: Penny Dreadful (2014 – 2016)

Available To Stream On Hulu

When period dramas do horror, they come up with dark masterpieces like Penny Dreadful. The series follows Ethan Chandler as he’s taken into the world of Lovecraftian creatures and mythical beings on the mysterious streets of 1890s London.

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Scorpios are one of the only signs dark and brave enough to face off with monsters and witches, and they have no lack of the dedication that Ethan, Malcolm, and Vanessa show while they track down Malcolm’s daughter. Their ambitious nature means they would stop at nothing to help the people who become close to them, even if that means fighting monsters in the London underground.

Sagittarius: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (2017 – 2019)

Available To Stream On Netflix

The Baudelaires at Lucky Smells

If any sign could maneuver their way through the world with no one else to rely on, it’s a Sagittarius. Their independent nature means that, like the Baudelaires, they’re very self-sufficient. The Baudelaires also get to see a lot of the world on the show, traveling around to different guardians.

Although the circumstances may be bleak, a Sag would relish in the sightseeing adventure. Even though the children’s lives are full of tragedy, they still maintain Sagittarian compassion for those that they come across and they always lead with kindness. Their Sag curiosity also helps them crack the code on any plot Count Olaf cooks up to take them down.

Capricorn: The Queen’s Gambit (2020)

Available To Stream On Netflix

Anna Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon in The Queen' Gambit

Capricorns are ambitious and analytical, often letting their work and goals consume all of their thoughts. That’s the sort of passion and determination that Elizabeth Harmon shows when she’s playing chess. Her drive to become the best competitive chess player is one that Capricorns can relate to.

Chess itself is a highly intellectual and complicated game, making it something that Capricorns have great respect for. Her single-minded passion for chess makes Beth the heroine that fans need, and Capricorns greatly admire her dedication and vision.

Aquarius: The Irregulars (2021 – )

Available To Stream On Netflix

The Irregulars pose together while holding weapons

If historical dramas were superhero stories, they might look like The Irregulars. The new show is as innovative and unique as the Aquarian spirit is. Aquarians are visionaries, striving to protect the future of humanity in any way they can and doing it in a way that is completely different than anyone else.

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The Irregulars is just like that Aquarian ideal. It tells the story of a team of kids in 1800s England who team up with Dr. Watson to fight supernatural forces and find Sherlock Holmes. The strong sense of justice and altruistic nature in the team make them perfect Aquarians.

Pisces: Selena: The Series (2020 – 2021)

Available To Stream On Netflix

Selena the Series part 2

Pisces is the creative and oftentimes musical water sign of the bunch. Like Selena, Pisces try to express their creativity in everyday life, trying to make a career out of it if they can.

Pisces are also incredibly empathetic and are very in tune with their emotions, so a tribute to the lost soul of an amazing artist like Selena is one that a Pisces would have a lot of enthusiasm for. Selena also represents a Piscean’s generosity, as she repeatedly put her career and others’ needs in front of her own to achieve success.

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