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Which Holiday Rom Com Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


There are a great many holiday rom coms to cover all sorts of genres and tastes. There are movies that focus on an individual couple, or those that follow multiple storylines over the course of the film. Some are cheery and boisterous, whereas others are more cozy, or even a bit edgy.

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Whatever personality a viewer may have, there’s bound to be a holiday romantic comedy that fits them perfectly. A great way for people to figure out what movie might match their energy this season is to consult the zodiac chart and find the flick that lines up with their star sign.

12 Aries: Four Christmases (2008)

•Available On HBO Max & Apple TV

Aries can easily relate to Wonder Woman’s bravery, and that sort of bravery is definitely needed to deal with four different family Christmases in one day–but Aries have the energy to do it. On top of that, Aries are passionate and always open to trying new things.

As the main characters, Kate and Brad, discover and discuss what their future might be, they show true Aries tenacity when they face their respective fears and think seriously about their future as a couple.

11 Taurus: Last Holiday (20006)

•Available On Fubo & Apple TV

Taurus is a fixed sign, committed to their routine, like Georgia was in the film. Last Holiday has the potential to be a sad movie that will make a Taurus cry, but when Georgia is faced with life-changing news, the fear of the unknown fades away and is replaced by a Taurus passion: luxury.

Georgia’s no-worry bucket list vacation with no expense spared is a Taurus’s dream. She also utilizes Taurus honesty after losing her fear of confrontation. She’s smart, kind, and dressed to the nines. It’s a perfect Taurus trip.


10 Gemini: The Princess Switch (2018)

•Available On Netflix

Only a Gemini has the adaptability and intelligence to pull off the stunt in The Princess Switch. Two identical women, a duchess and a baker,  switch places to experience a brand new lifestyle–and maybe fall in love.  Geminis are all-aboard.

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A Gemini will try anything once, including ruling a country or running a kitchen. Their outgoing nature would help them blend right into whatever world they switch into, and their witty banter would have love interests fall at their feet.

9 Cancer: Serendipity (2001)

Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in Serendipity

•Available On Netflix, Amazon, Paramount+, & Apple TV

If there’s an astrological sign that is okay with shedding some tears for the holidays, it’s Cancer. Cancers are highly in-tune with their emotions and aren’t afraid to show it, so this touching holiday rom com is perfect for them.

Cancers would make excellent wandmakers in the Potterverse because they’re highly intuitive, on the verge of being downright psychics. Fate is something that they’re highly aware of, so a rom-com surrounding a seemingly fated meeting of soulmates is exactly their cup of tea. They’re also very loyal and caring, so they would definitely pine after someone for over a year.

8 Leo: Just Friends (2005)

Ryan Reynolds Just Friends

•Available On Netflix, Apple TV, & Amazon

Leos have no fear of the spotlight being on them, like Chris, one of Ryan Reynold’s best forgotten roles, when he first returns home after a successful West Coast career. But, they’re also incredibly generous with their time and energy and would go to any lengths for their friends or loved ones. Jamie and Chris are each others’ cheerleaders and support team.

With determination and natural leadership, Leos could concoct more than enough plans to show the person they love that they care about them and they wouldn’t stop until that person knew exactly how they felt.

7 Virgo: It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

The family celebrating Christmas on It's A Wonderful Life.

•Available On Amazon, Fubo, & YouTube

Virgos appreciate the classics, and a black and white flick from the 194os is as classic as it can get. Virgos are hard workers and, like George Bailey, they believe that hard work and determination pay off. They’re also wildly kind and patient and wouldn’t hesitate to give their honeymoon money to people in need.

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Virgos also have the creativity to come up with a story that involves angels and miracles, not to mention they would surely win a dance contest held on a gym floor opening up to a pool.

6 Libra: Holidate (2020)

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in Holidate on Netflix

•Available On Netflix

Libras are the flirtatious and sociable sign, so a movie dedicated to going to different holiday parties throughout the year falling in love is exactly their cup of tea. Libras see people as their best and most ideal self, and can easily get caught up in the magic and romance of any holiday.

Libras are also the diplomats of their social circles and have a strong sense of fairness. Like Sloane when everyone–even her brother and his brand new girlfriend– has a partner, Libras want everything to be fair and even. The agreement to be “holidates” for each other around the calendar year is very Libra.

5 Scorpio: Happiest Season (2020)

Mackenzie Davis and Kristen Stewart looking

•Available On Hulu

Scorpios are the trademark serious and edgy sign, and also tend to be the most secretive. Their holiday film is an indie romance about a secret that is tearing Abby and Harper’s relationship apart. Coming out can be one of the scariest things a person ever does, and Scorpios have a lot of respect for that bravery.

Scorpios are fiercely loyal to those they let into their inner circles, so Abby would hide any secret for Harper, no matter how difficult it is for her. Honestly is a value that Scorpios hold in high regard, so Abby and Harper learning the deep details about each other is captivating for Scorpios.

4 Sagittarius: The Holiday (2006)

The Holiday Jack Black and Kate Winslet

•Available On Hulu & Apple TV

A holiday vacation is exactly how a Sagittarius wants to spend the season. Finding love with a foreign cutie while in a different country would make the whole thing even better. Sagittarians are adventurous and independent; a solo vacation is absolutely no problem for them.

They also love to try new things, and that journey is what Iris and Amanda are after in the film. They want to break free from their world and try things they would never normally try, so The Holiday and all of its heartwarming quotes are a classic for Sags.

3 Capricorn: The Family Stone (2005)

•Available On Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, & Apple TV

As gifted and ambitious hard workers, Capricorns can sometimes struggle to fit in with the artsier people in their lives. That is exactly the situation that Meredith faces when meeting Everett’s family for the first time.

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But, in true Capricorn spirit, she does everything she can and devises every plan she can think of to win them over. Capricorns are responsible and determined, and as people take accountability for the multiple mistakes made throughout the film, Capricorns respect it.

2 Aquarius: The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

•Available On Netflix

As one of the most original zodiac signs, Aquarians can appreciate a holiday movie where a knight travels through time to the future. It’s a unique and innovative concept, just like Aquarians. They’re also very progressive and altruistic people, so knights, in general, are admirable to them.

As a knight with a mission, Cole wants to enact positive change for the world in the same Aquarians do. The Knight Before Christmas has lots of fun behind-the-scenes quirks and an unconventional love story that has major Aquarian energy.

1 Pisces: The Perfect Holiday (2007)

Nancy and ben smiling in the perfect holiday

•Available On Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, & YouTube

Pisces are creative, so this music-centric holiday rom com is perfection for them. Not only that, but there’s a central story of empathy and kindness, as Ben tries to fulfill a Christmas wish for a little girl. This empathetic and kind spirit aligns with the Pisces personality.

As Ben showcases his Piscean generosity, going out of his way to compliment the girl’s mom for her wish, a beautiful love story is started, and Pisces’ hearts are full of holiday cheer.

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