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Which Spencer Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


For the most part, Spencer is a bit of a strange movie, and there’s a lot about it that is designed to both disturb and disorient the viewer so that they stay in the same unsettled mental and emotional space as Diana herself. During the course of the three days (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day), Diana struggles to make sense of her life and her future as she continues to balance her own needs with the smothering traditions of the royals. It’s sure to go on the must-see list of biographical movies as a result of its play with genre.

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Though Diana is the star, there are quite a few other characters that appear, and thinking about them through the lens of the zodiac reveals some hidden and strange depths to their personalities.

Aries – Darren McGrady

A cropped image of the Darren McGrady character poster from Spencer, with the title text and a close up of the character’s face

One of the key personality traits of the Aries is a profound and burning sense of loyalty. They are the sign that will never abandon their friends or loved ones, no matter what happens.

That is certainly true of Darren, the chef at Sandringham who repeatedly takes Diana under her wing. Though it would have been easy for him to ignore her or to reprimand her for her inability to follow the rules, he remains one of the few people she knows she can rely on.

Taurus – Alistair Gregory

Stubbornness is the watchword for many of those born under the sign of Taurus, and it is often difficult to get them to change their mind once they are set on a path. Alistair Gregory (played by Timothy Dalton, who played the evil Wormtail in Harry Potter) plays this character, and he imbues Alistair with an iron discipline.

No matter how much Diana struggles, he is unwavering in his duty to the House of Windsor (even if he does show some signs of sympathy toward her as the movie nears its end).

Gemini – Prince Charles

Geminis, like all air signs, are very mutable, and they typically have two different sides that they show to the world around them, depending on the circumstances. Charles has perfected this mentality and, as he tells Diana, it’s simply a part of being royal.

They have to have one side of themselves that is their personal desires and wishes, and then there is the part that they have to show the world. From his point of view, there’s nothing wrong with this split personality, and it comes to define who he is.

Cancer – Prince Harry

Diana knows that she can always count on the love of her sons, even when the rest of her life seems to be crumbling around her. Because Harry shows many of the signs of the Cancer–arguably one of the most empathetic of the signs in the zodiac–he is not only able to tell when she’s sad but also can give her the love and affection she craves.

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However, he also shows some of the other signs of the Cancer, such as an emphasis on what he wants in a particular moment.

Leo – Diana

Kristin Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer wearing pearls

Leos are renowned for their ability to make everything about them, even if they don’t mean to. They are a charismatic and powerful sign that pulls everyone else into their orbit.

There’s no question that Diana shows many of these traits since no matter what she does over the Christmas holiday she ends up becoming the center of attention. And, like all Leos, she also has a stubborn streak, as she shows when she finally takes off at the end, taking her children with her. This is sure to be seen as one of Kristen Stewart’s best roles.

Virgo – Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth outside in a scarf in Spencer

The rationality of the Virgo is both one of their greatest strengths and their most significant liability. They tend to look at the world through their own particular prism, and it can be difficult for them to see the reality that others might not see the world as they do.

Queen Elizabeth II, one of the movie’s more enigmatic characters, shows many of these traits, and her brief conversation with Diana–in which she gives the young woman some sage advice about realizing that they are only currency–reveals that she doesn’t have a particularly empathetic or emotional way of looking at the world.

Libra – Maggie

Sally Hawkins is known for being a great actress with many wonderful roles, and she brings a potent warmth to the character of Maggie, the royal dresser who is one of Diana’s staunchest allies and defenders.

She shows many of the traits of the Libra, a sign known for its sense of justice and fairness and for trying to keep a balance in their lives. Maggie helps Diana to find that balance in herself so that she doesn’t completely lose herself over the holiday weekend.

Scorpio – Alistair Gregory

Alistair Gregory in a tuxedo standing in a pantry in Spencer

Even though he has many of the traits associated with the Taurus, Alistair also has a lot about him that suggests that he might be a Scorpio. Timothy Spall, in one of his best performances, endows this character with a rather sinister edge that makes him the perfect foil for Diana, as he tries to convince her to just do what she’s supposed to as a member of the royal family.

There’s an almost sadistic edge to his actions as if he truly does delight in both watching Diana founder and reprimanding her at every turn.

Sagittarius – Diana

Sagittarius is known for being one of the most fun, if at times unstable, signs in the zodiac, and Diana shows signs of being both. While she finds it almost impossible to keep her composure when faced with the relentless scrutiny that is entailed with being a member of the royal family, she also shows that she has a fun and careless side.

That’s shown when she holds an impromptu game for her boys in the middle of the night or when she finally flees Sandringham on Boxing Day.

Capricorn – Angela

Angela dressing Diana in an opulent bedroom in Spencer

The Capricorn is almost relentlessly practical sign, and they are not ones to let sentiment get in the way of their duty. Angela, the woman brought in to be Diana’s dresser when Maggie is briefly sent away, exhibits many of the traits of this sign.

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Unlike Maggie, she doesn’t let whatever sympathy she feels for Diana get in the way of making sure that she dresses appropriately. Her loyalty is to the Crown, and she is going to see it fulfilled.

Aquarius – Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Prince Philip outside of a church in brown coats in Spencer

The Aquarius is a rather enigmatic sign, and they can be quite cold when faced with the right set of circumstances. That is what makes it a good fit for Prince Charles, who has managed to retreat so far inside the identity of Prince of Wales that he almost has no human warmth left at all.

At the same time, like all Aquariuans, he is full of surprises, as when he unexpectedly allows the boys to leave with Diana.

Pisces – Prince William

Prince William in hunt clothes surrounded by dogs in Spencer

Prince William is definitely a good fit for the Pisces, arguably the most empathetic sign in the zodiac. The Pisces is the sign that all of the others go to when they need a shoulder to cry on, and that is exactly the function he serves for his mother during her bouts of despair.

No matter what is happening with him, she always knows that she can count on her elder son to give her the love she craves.

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