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RHOSLC: The Zodiac Signs & Ages


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is beloved by fans because of its leading ladies who never fail to leave viewers shocked or in awe. However, these shows are edited and framed in a way to show fans a fraction of their personalities. Fans continue to piece together the personalities of these housewives in many ways to really understand their attitudes and figure out what is happening beyond the camera.

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However, audiences can really grasp their full personalities by looking at their zodiac sign and age. This information can help fans interpret their actions and words under a better lens.

Lisa Barlow

Lisa Barlow The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

The ambitious entrepreneur Lisa Barlow is a Sagittarius and is currently 46 years old. Sagittariuses are well regarded for their free spirit, outspokenness, and honesty. With this sign in mind, fans would agree it perfectly aligns with Lisa Barlow.

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Barlow is well regarded for speaking to her experience as a “Mormon 2.0.” Lisa has made some bold business moves with her endeavors like LUXEMarketing. Also, many fans consider Lisa as the most brutally honest person, especially with her ongoing feud with Whitney Rose.

Mary Cosby

Mary Cosby Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Mary is not only the First Lady of her family’s Faith Temple Pentecostal Church but also a 47-year-old Libra. Fans would agree Mary upholds the characteristics of a Libra, who are notorious for refined, diplomatic characteristics. Cosby has a great dedication to her family’s business endeavors and making her family a priority.

Fans can also see these Libra qualities with Cosby’s ability to manage the rumors of her family church as a cult and change fans’ opinions to like her husband, who is her ex-grandfather. For Cosby, her drive to be a leader and establish herself as a community member due to her family’s successful history confirms her Libra energy.

Heather Gay

Heather Gay looks at the camera

Pop star Rihanna’s favorite member and Med-Spa business owner, Heather Gay, is a 39-year old Cancer. Heather is not afraid to share her tough journey in her divorce and finding herself after leaving her Mormon roots on all platforms. Her openness about her struggles defines traits specific to Cancer signs, who are self-protective and contemplative.

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Gay claims to have filed for divorce because she was choosing herself and did not appreciate the impact her marriage had on her independence. Despite divorcing her ex-husband who was “Mormon Royalty,” Heather was determined to protect her energy and decided to take action in her business endeavors to make her dream life a reality.

Meredith Marks

meredith marks

Sagitarriuses are considered to be honest, optimistic, and outspoken. Fans would agree that this 49-year old Sagitarrius, Meredith Marks, fully embodies this sign because Meredith chooses to have boundaries and make parts of her life private. Through this privacy, Meredith has the freedom to have her own spirit dictated by herself not the media.

From speaking out against her cast members to having incredibly fashionable outfits, Meredith makes her own choices without the influence of others but just like any Sagittarius, Meredith Marks is very vocal on any platform to defend herself and her family.

Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose looking off camera on RHOSLC

Whitney Rose is not only considered a descendant of “Mormon Royalty” but also is a 34 years-old Libra. In general, Libras create equality by being liked to limit conflict. Many fans can see Rose as a Libra because she strives to provide peace in her life despite the major circumstances in her life.

Though aspects of Rose’s life such as leaving her church to marrying her boss Justin may not be major storylines in the show, it proves Rose’s Libra personality to work through these circumstances with grace and peace. Fans would agree Rose puts a lot of pressure on herself to have tranquility in her life, putting a lot of effort to create a healthy family with Justin and manage her successful new skincare line Wild Rose Beauty.

Jen Shah

Despite the current allegations of Jen Shah being involved in a nationwide telemarketing scam, Jen can be regarded by fans for her determination and passion. These traits emphasize her 46-year-old Scorpio’s energy, especially when sharing her experience growing up in Salt Lake City.

As a Tongan and Hawaiian, Shah aims to discuss the discrimination and the prevalent racism in white-dominant spaces like the Mormon area of Salt Lake City to emphasize the need for change. Shah’s Scorpio energy is undeniable, which is also seen with her current fight to prove her innocence in these allegations.

Jennie Nguyen

Jennie Nguyen RHOSLC

A 45-year-old Gemini, Jennie Nguyen has inspired fans with her journey as a refugee, who came to the United States on a boat. However, many fans also greatly Jennie’s uplifting, firecracker energy. Jennie is not afraid to share quick remarks and is open-minded enough to look at life differently such as considering a sister wife in her family.

Jennie’s personality correlated with those of Geminis who are known for their adaptability, and witty nature. In addition, Nguyen’s story of becoming a businesswoman and her willingness to find new solutions further explains her traits as Gemini.

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