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Libra & Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility, According To Astrologers


A Libra-Capricorn couple might have a tough time getting a relationship off the ground. For one, Venus-ruled Libra is the sign of partnerships in astrology. They tend to make their relationship the center of their world. Capricorn, on the other hand, is the zodiac’s highly ambitious and hard-working goat. They tend to prioritize career and work over everything else in their life. Even if these two zodiac signs had a strong attraction to each other, making a relationship work may prove too exhausting for either of them. However, there are some things these two can do to improve their connection. Libra and Capricorn’s zodiac compatibility has everything you need to know about this Air and Earth sign pair.

“Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, expresses stern rules and restrictions while Libra, ruled by Venus, expresses balance and harmony,” Stina Garbis, professional astrologer and psychic, tells Bustle. “They are both sticklers for the rules, but they go about it in different ways — and for different reasons. Capricorn likes to push their way in and prove their point because this is the way it’s always been done, so this is how it must be. Libra, on the other hand, wants everyone to play nice and get along. This couple could definitely battle for power and bicker over who’s right about everything.”

In general, Air and Earth signs don’t always make the best matches because they’re natural opposites. An Air sign like Libra may feel like Capricorn is holding them back at times, while earthy Capricorn may have a hard time dealing with Libra’s indecisiveness. Although there will undoubtedly be quite a few challenges for these two to work through, this can be a relationship that leads to growth for both partners. According to Garbis, “If they stick with it, this relationship could be life-transforming for both of them.”

Libra & Capricorn’s Sexual Compatibility

In astrology, Libra and Capricorn form a square aspect to each other, which means they’re 90 degrees apart in the zodiac wheel. According to astrologer Lisa Kiss, square aspects typically create tension between two signs. One way to release this tension would be through sex. “They both will want to take the lead or initiate what happens,” Kiss says. “This will create great chemistry between the pair.”

When it comes to sex, these two have different tastes. In general, Capricorns tend to be more traditional and reserved in bed, while Libras are into trying new things. Romantics to their core, Libras would love to have candles, music, and wine to set the mood, which is something the more practical Capricorn would only do during special occasions. Capricorns also see sex as something they do to release tension, while Libras view it as a way to connect with their partner. If they’re not on the same page about their sex life and what each other needs, there’s a good chance one or both partners will be left feeling unsatisfied.

Libra & Capricorn’s Emotional Compatibility

It will take some time for Libra and Capricorn to develop a deep emotional bond. According to Garbis, Capricorns tend to have a hard time entering into commitments and may take a while to come around.

“Unfortunately Capricorn may not always be pleasant to deal with, and they express their bad sides in their most intimate relationships,” Garbis says. “They may have a lot of hang ups that only they can manage, and they may push away close people, because sometimes it’s hard to deal with their issues close up. However, Capricorn does their most transformational work in relationships.”

The good thing is, Libra is the sign of partnerships, so they may take on the role of “teacher” in the relationship. According to Garbis, Libra will be a great tour guide for Capricorn, if Capricorn is willing to let them in. Once they do, Capricorn will almost be like a whole new person. “This relationship could be awesome for Capricorn who gets to learn about themselves and transform,” Garbis says. However, this all depends on how patient Libra is. If they decide it’s too much effort to wait for Capricorn to open up and be relationship-ready, they may decide to move on.

The Biggest Potential Problem Area In A Libra-Capricorn Relationship

For Libra and Capricorn, making an actual commitment to each other will be an issue they’ll fight about over and over again. According to Garbis, Capricorns tend to save their serious relationships for later on in life and may not settle down for a long time, which may or may not work for Libra. They tend to fall in love very quickly, and they also get bored just as fast. “Libra likes harmony, and for people to be in love with them, and I think they would rather be the star and center of attention,” she says. If Capricorn isn’t giving Libra the time and commitment they desire, the relationship might not get off the ground.

Additionally, Capricorn is very career-oriented, while Libra is all about relationships. Libra will appreciate Capricorn being the provider, as they enjoy living in luxury. However, that will only last for so long. If Capricorn constantly puts work over the relationship, Libra may decide to look elsewhere.

So, can this relationship last? According to Garbis, it can, especially if there’s an age difference where one partner is more mature than the other. “Capricorn is more likely to settle down later in life after they are more seasoned, while Libra might want to wait a bit on this connection and go with someone a little more happy-go-lucky in the meantime,” she says.

Overall, Capricorn and Libra are considered to be an incompatible match. There will be many bumps in the road for them to navigate, but if they’re committed to making it work and they put in the effort, there’s potential for these two to last.


Stina Garbis, professional astrologer and psychic

Lisa Kiss, astrologer

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