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Zodiac Signs Of Fruits Basket Characters


In Fruits Basket, Tohru Honda’s goal is to break the curse on the human members of the Chinese Zodiac. She tries to help them grow and evolve emotionally in their own unique ways.

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All the characters, even the ones that aren’t part of the Chinese zodiac, align with certain Western astrological signs. However, the characters outside of the curse are well-developed and fit into Western Astrology as well. A new way to look at the complexities of these characters is to consider their astrological signs.

12 Kyo Sohma: Aries

Aries are passionate, ambitious, and honest. Kyo’s Aries comes out any time he has an opportunity to compete, whether it be with Yuki or Hatsuharu. He tries to hide his feelings, but he’s fairly transparent most of the time.

Everything that Kyo does is full of passion. His feelings for Tohru often come out in passionate jealousy or protectiveness. Whenever Hatsuharu turns dark and wants to fight with Kyo, all he has to do is off-handedly flirt with Tohru and Kyo’s competitive Aries side comes out.

11 Hatori Sohma: Taurus

Tauruses are steady, dependable, and dedicated. Hatori is all of these things for his family and loved ones. In a family full of emotionally volatile people, Hatori is one of the most reliably steady people throughout the series.

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Sometimes average humans come in contact with the cursed Sohmas and lose their minds, beginning to hurt themselves or the people around them. Whenever this happens, Hatori does what needs to be done. Even when the love of his life was overpowered by her feelings of guilt, Hatori saved her by erasing her memories of him.

10 Kagura Sohma: Gemini

Geminis are extroverted and impulsive. Kagura enjoys rushing into things which is how she meets Tohru and Kyo. She is aggressive in her pursuit of Kyo and she often attacks him until he lets her have her way.

Kagura’s Gemini impatience and impulsivity are what led her to pursue Kyo in the first place. In the episode “All Mine” Kagura finally admits that she was chasing his love to make herself feel better and that she let this impulse overpower her. She can’t stop loving him, but she acknowledges that her actions were selfish.

9 Yuki Sohma: Cancer

Cancers appear cold and distant from a distance, but the closer they get to people the more loving they become. Yuki maintains a distant, almost cold, outer shell in order to protect his emotional side from further harm.

Yuki is extremely loyal to his family and loved ones, this is apparent in his relationship with the other Sohmas, but especially with Tohru. Yuki tends to keep most people at a distance, but with her, he’s very protective. It doesn’t matter if it’s Ayame, Hatsuharu, or Kyo, anyone getting too “friendly” with Tohru, and Yuki snaps to action.

8 Ayame Sohma: Leo

Ayame Sohma looking cocky in Fruits Basket

Leos are confident, bold, and have a flair for the dramatic and nobody does drama like Ayame. Leo’s are also natural-born leaders and Ayame’s history as the student council president proves his skill in this area as well.

When Ayame introduces himself to Tohru, he does it with style and flair.  Ayame flaunts his powerful self-confidence everywhere he goes, to the point that he doesn’t listen to others. Whenever Yuki and Kyo tell him to leave, he completely ignores them. When he lies to the principal about having long hair because he’s royalty, the man believes him. This display of intense self-confidence made an obvious lie seem plausible.

7 Tohru Honda: Virgo

Tohru Honda smiling gently in Fruits Basket

Virgos are practical, diligent, and sympathetic people. Tohru’s diligence and practicality are ever-present in her efforts to pay for her own schooling. She’s a very hard worker and because of this Tohru is usually able to bear her own weight financially.

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Tohru is extremely kind and sympathetic to all her friends. Virgos want to help their friends grow as well as empathize with them. Tohru’s goal is always to help her friends as well as the Sohmas, grow and evolve into better people. She doesn’t simply empathize with them, she wants to heal them completely. This Virgo trait is what leads her to try and free the Sohma family of their curse.

6 Momiji Sohma: Libra

Momiji Sohma smiling down at someone in Fruits Basket

Momiji is extroverted and desires harmony. Libras want to keep everyone happy and also tend to care about outward appearance. Momiji enjoys expressing himself by wearing feminine clothing. He doesn’t care that it bothers some people, Momiji knows that they suit him best.

When Momiji was born, his mother couldn’t handle the fact that he was cursed to be a member of the Zodiac. In her unstable mental state, Momiji’s mother tries to harm herself. Even with Momiji’s young age, when his father proposes to take away her memories of her son, Momiji agrees. He keeps the harmony in his family by distancing himself from his own mother and sister, no matter how painful it is to him.

5 Hatsuharu Sohma: Scorpio

Hatsuharu Sohma looking confused in Fruits Basket

When Hatsuharu changes into his dark mode, his power-seeking tendency activates full blast. Scorpios are known for their mystery, magnetism, and pursuit of power. In light mode, Hatsuharu is serious, mysterious, and magnetic.

In the episode “Yuki was my First Love” regardless of whether he’s in dark or light mode, Hatsuharu is very forward with his romantic advances whether they be directed at Yuki, Tohru, or Rin. Scorpios are very honest, intense, and ambitious. When Hatsuharu provokes Kyo, he fights him over the control of Yuki and Tohru. Dark Hatsuharu lets his power-hungry Scorpio side free from moral inhibitions.

4 Kyoko Honda: Sagittarius

Kyoko Honda smiling gently in Fruits Basket

Tohru’s mother is energetic, brave, and wise. Like a true Sagittarius, she’s quite the extrovert and doesn’t hesitate to reach out and help others. Kyoko’s competitive side is apparent in her history as a high school delinquent.

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With age, Kyoko calmed down a little and grew in wisdom which she happily and energetically shared with troubled youths like Kyo and Uotani. Sagittariuses are independent and empathetic, and Kyoko is no exception. She’s not the type of person that anyone can tell what to do, and yet she knows just what to say to help the people around her.

3 Arisa Uotani: Capricorn

Arisa Uotani eating and smiling in Fruits Basket

Capricorns are focused, mischievous, and optimistic. Uotani has ambition and the desire to scramble her way to the top. This led her to her delinquent stint in middle school. However, her optimistic playful side was never given the freedom the grow while she was with her gang.

Capricorns often build up walls around their true emotions, and this was certainly true about Uotani before Tohru came into her life. It took the wisdom and influence of Kyoko and the understanding and kindness of Tohru to break down Uotani’s emotional walls. Kyoko’s respect and acknowledgment of Uotani’s bravery are what finally cracked her tough exterior.

2 Shigure Sohma: Aquarius

Shigure and Akito in Fruits Basket

Shigure is eccentric, carefree, and creative. All of these are attributes of an Aquarius. As an author, Shigure gets to express his creativity freely. It’s only when his editor comes and begs him on her knees that he finishes a novel at the deadline.

Shigure shows his empathy by gently nudging kids he houses in the right direction when they have problems. His eccentric nature comes out in his friendship with Ayame. They have an ongoing joke where they act as a romantic couple to make people uncomfortable. Aquariuses have lofty visions of the future, and Shigure’s underlying plan throughout the series is certainly ambitious.

1 Saki Hanajima: Pisces

Saki Hanajima looking back and smiling in Fruits Basket

Hanajima’s wave power means that she’s constantly in tune with the feelings of the people around her. They are also known to be sympathetic dreamers and to have difficulty accepting help from others. Hanajima displays all of these characteristics.

In the episode “Because I was Happy” Hanajima is bullied ruthlessly and she only tries to withhold her power so that no one aside from herself gets hurt. In her caring for others, she takes all the pain for herself. When her parents propose to move away from the kids who are hurting Hanajima, she offers to stay behind so that her reputation doesn’t bring anyone else down.

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