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Which Eternals Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


CONTENT WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel’s Eternals.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe spreads further into cosmic territory with the release of Eternals. Each member of the team from the stars fills a very specific role when they come to Earth. Each fighter has a different skill set, there’s a healer, a technology expert, and even someone who can influence the will of others.

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With so many specific character types, it’s no wonder the team easily slots into the archetypes found amongst the signs of the zodiac. Of course, the Eternals are so old, they even predate humanity’s interest in those zodiac signs.

Aries: Makkari

makkari eternals

Makkari is a little different from her Eternals comic book counterpart since the character was male on the page. She moves fast in life, and that can cause her to get bored and impatient over the course of thousands of years.

Her tendency to want things to happen now is perfectly in line with the passionate Aries being a person of action. Aries are known for being impulsive hero types. They feel emotions strongly and react quickly. Makkari is always one of the first Eternals to jump into action, even though she ends up isolating herself with a ton of artifacts and novels.

Taurus: Gilgamesh

Don Lee as Gilgamesh in Eternals

Taurus is typically known for being the most stubborn member of the zodiac, but that’s not their only dominant characteristic. They also tend to be incredibly protective, resistant to change, and have a deep love for the arts. For Gilgamesh, the latter appears to manifest in his interest in cooking. His setup in modern Australia might be rustic, but he puts together a gourmet meal for his friends.

He is also incredibly protective of Thena, despite her being the best warrior of them all. He stays with her for thousands of years, creating a stabilizing force in her life to help her through her Mahd Wy’ry, and developing a routine.

Gemini: Thena

Eternals Angelina Jolie Thena

Though Thena is the most capable warrior of the Eternals, she’s also the member forced to adapt to change the most, as her world is frequently turned upside down by her own memories. As her memories turn on her, however, she finds an outlet for them, by drawing them.

It’s not just the adaptability of a Gemini that Thena demonstrates though. She’s also got their charm, as every member of the team seems to idolize her. Even King Arthur once had a crush on her.

Cancer: Phastos

Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos in Eternals

Some fans might think of Phastos as a Virgo at first glance due to his cautious nature regarding his family and his tendency to come up with complicated technological plans. Phastos, however, is motivated by his connection to others and his deep empathy.

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That’s true of many Cancers. This zodiac sign is one that often sees the best in people and is able to easily connect with them. Once hurt, however, they also hold a grudge. Just as Phastos wants to turn his back on humanity for the bad things they’ve done, he also embraces life on Earth because of love.

Leo: Kingo

Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo in Eternals

Kingo loves to be the center of attention, just like a Leo. He loves it so much, he’s managed to convince the world that he, his fictional father, and his fictional grandfather are all Bollywood actors just so he can remain in the spotlight.

Of course, Kingo is also an immensely loyal Eternal. Despite his love of the spotlight, he never tries to take over the team from Ajak, Sersi, or Ikaris when he sees them in leadership roles. He even refuses to fight at all when he discovers the truth, not wanting to compromise his own faith or hurt his friends.

Virgo: Ajak

Eternals Ajak Salma Hayek

Ajak isn’t in the movie quite as much as her fellow Eternals, but she does make a big impact. As the Prime Eternal, she’s the team leader and the keeper of Arishem’s secrets. She’s also their mother figure as the group thinks of themselves as a family.

Ajak embodies the nurturing spirit of a Virgo. She always tries to take care of the rest of the team, encouraging them to connect to one another, to find their purpose, and to explore Earth. She also has a plan for her own demise, choosing the one person on the team to take her place that she believes will do the right thing.

Libra: Sersi

Eternals Sersi Gemma Chan

Sersi has an incredibly compassionate approach to Earth. It’s Sersi who first walks amongst the people and teaches them, lives amongst them. That could lean her in the direction of a Cancer. More than that, however, is Sersi’s ability to understand both sides of a conflict and seek out justice.

When Sersi finds out the truth about the Eternals, she’s appalled. She wants to save the planet, but she also cannot bring herself to kill a Celestial to do it. Sersi strives for balance and natural order, just as Libras are often the voice of reason in arguments.

Scorpio: Arishem

Arishem the Celestial in Eternals

It’s easy to think of a Scorpio as a villain with their often aggressive actions. Arishem, however, isn’t entirely a villain. He’s just doing what the Celestials have always done – sacrificing one planet to potentially give birth to an entirely new solar system.

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Arishem has that Scorpio sense of secrecy. He only imparts the plan to one member of the Eternals team at a time. He also has a strong sense of purpose, which leads to his aggressive drive in getting the Eternals to do exactly what he wants.

Sagittarius: Dane

Kit Harington Dane Whitman Eternals

Dane Whitman doesn’t get a ton of screen time in the movie, but what the audience does see of him fits nicely with the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarians have an innate sense of adventure and they are masters of going with the flow, no matter what bizarre encounters the world might throw at them. And although Sags aren’t always as proactive as they should be, their natural fiery energy makes them born leaders in any group they become a part of, just like the future Black Knight.


Capricorn: Ikaris

Richard Madden as Ikaris in Eternals

Ikaris betrays his family because he has such a strong sense of duty to the Celestials. That sense of duty is a textbook Capricorn.

He feels terrible fighting his friends, but he does it anyway because he can’t see past the duty to make sure a new Celestial emerges on Earth. Ikaris also an incredibly hard-working Eternal. When the group does go into battle, it’s Ikaris who tries to be everywhere at once, using his skills to protect everyone from the Deviants. That work ethic is also a textbook Capricorn.

Aquarius: Druig

Barry Keoghan as Druig in Eternals

Druig appears to be the rebellious one of the Eternals. It’s Druig, after all, whose decision to leave leads to Ajak allowing the Eternals to go their separate ways. Druig is done staying out of humanity’s way. He wants to use his gift to help them rather than stand by and idly watch civilizations grow and tear each other apart.

It’s fitting then that Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac. They are the sign who finds a cause and passionately defend it, walking their own path, no matter how many people try to sway them in another direction.

Pisces: Sprite

Sprite (Lia McHugh) in Eternals

Sprite has a bit of the Sagittarius storytelling instinct in her, but more than that, she’s the real dreamer of the Eternals. She’s been stuck as seemingly a teenager for thousands of years, and she can’t stand it.

Sprite longs to be allowed to grow up, but she also has the Pisces tendency to try to escape her problems. She does that by ignoring her feelings for Ikaris for literal centuries and living with Sersi when she gets lonely. Her creativity in using her abilities – creating illusions, putting on shows, and masking herself from the public – all speak to the creative Pisces mind as well.

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