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team india: Cricket fans in Bhopal shuffle tarot cards, consult astrologers as Team India’s fate at ICC WC hangs in balance | Bhopal News


BHOPAL: After India’s chances in the ICC World Cup hanging in balance, tarot card readers and astrologers are flooded with queries about Team India’s chances to make it to the semis. Despite turning down such queries, cricket fans are eager to know result of the forthcoming match after Team India’s back-to-back debacle against Pakistan and New Zealand.
Bhopal-based tarot card reader, Kahkasha Saxena, said that queries about India’s chances have been highest in the past few days. “I have been receiving several calls and texts about the future of Team India. I have to tell them every time that I don’t do it as it is against the ethics of my knowledge. However, cricket fans insist on telling them about it. My only answer to them has been a firm ‘no’,” said Saxena.
Saxena said that this is happening after longtime as the situation of Team India is hanging in balance. “Such queries about the future of the Indian team have been there in other tournaments as well. However, this time it is exponential after India lost two crucial matches in the beginning of the tournament,” she added.
Astrologer Ravi Acharya said, “I had to tell the cricket fans that I can’t make such predictions as it can lead to betting. Despite this they insist and I have only sympathy with them.” He was also surprised when he started receiving such calls in the past few days. “I have been receiving such calls during IPL and other big tournaments but this time it is something much higher. Such number of calls are enough to gauge the madness about cricket in this country,” he said.
Another Bhopal-based astrologer, Rajesh Dubey said that people are becoming so keen to know about India’s chances in the world cup that they were even ready to pay a heavy fee also. “I have only one word for them that such predictions are against ethics. People still made several calls,” said Dubey.

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