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Sunday Zodiac: Signs that can be good at business


While we all love to count our money, some of us are genuinely good at business. Even your zodiac signs can say a lot about your ability at businesses. Here’s a guide from Jeevika Sharma, tarot card reader and guidance counsellor on which signs are good at business.


Aquarius are generally good at business, because they are money-minded. They are able to make their business work and turn it into a success. What they need is to control their tendency to cheat so they could easily make a lot of money. Business ethics is something which they often lack.


Taurus are among the zodiac signs who are good at business and it is largely due to their ability to take good decisions. They know how to keep everything under control and plan out the future goals for the company.


They have the aptitude to perform well if they wish to do business. They are able to excel in business as they are goal-oriented and never leave anything related to their work before completing it. They even follow the moral code while conducting their business.


They are good at business because they always consider themselves to be the rulers. They begin by gaining a lot of experience after which they plan out their business. They follow all the laws and rules strictly in business.

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