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Horoscope Today: November 7, 2021


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…and, just like that, serendipitously, everything came together! Lady Luck is on your side, Aquarius, and she’s in the mood to orchestrate big things for you. So, step back and allow. Step back and allow, beautiful. Libra, you’re in this world yet you belong to a paradise far, far away. You know how to navigate the turbulent waters of the physical, but you feel like your most authentic self when you’re whispering sweet nothings to the moon late at night. You’re made up of so many contradictions. Yet, all of these little pieces come together perfectly to make you, you. Virgo, what if we said there is order in chaos and chaos in order? What if we said everything is as it should be and everything is perfect in this moment? Let go of your need to ‘fix’ your external reality. Change your vantage point and bring the gift of acceptance to the table instead.

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