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Best Crystals for Gemini Sun Sign, Healing Crystals by Zodiac Sign


Gemini is the best sign, no matter what people say! (Okay, yes, I’m biased—I’m a Gemini.) Born from May 21 to June 20, we’re curious and smart, and we have an incredible sense of humor. We like to be in the know, on the move, and in the middle of things. We need action and activity—and we always have energy and ideas to spare.

But Geminis have a bad reputation, because the downside to all this energy and curiosity is that we can be just a little bit flaky. We don’t mean to do it—we just make decisions spontaneously, and we change our minds if we discover new info. Life moves pretty fast, amirite? Well, Geminis move even faster. We smarty-pants air signs need constant stimulation, plenty of space to pursue all our goals, and lots of reassurance along the way. Although we might not admit it, Geminis tend to feel insecure about not being liked or not being “good enough.”

If you’re into crystals, you know that some of these stones are believed to be particularly suited for certain purposes, like encouraging self-love or easing worry. (And if you didn’t know, hello! I’m here to fill you in.) If you’re a Gemini—or just shopping for one—these are the crystals that’ll help you find the balance, stability, focus, and stimulation you crave. Gem up, Gemmy!

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