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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Week Starting November 8, 2021


One person’s pleasure is another person’s pain, and depending on who you are and what zodiac sign your birthdate falls under, you may be someone who experiences the transits of the week in a rough way.

You may also look around at others as they seem to be having a completely positive experience. You may not understand it, and question, “How is it that they are having such a good time when I’m over here feeling so blue?”

This week we will be feeling the intense effect of Moon Trine Uranus and Mercury Opposition Uranus, all while living through the Sun in Scorpio.

Uranus transits can be difficult at times, as they tend to mess with our perception. Our immediate environment may seem dingy and downtrodden, even if we are sitting in the middle of a beautiful garden.

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When perceptions are off — as they will be — our moods take a nosedive. For some, this may look like depression, and for others, we may become nasty, or rude.

We may be battling our inner demons, and in doing so, we take down our friends and family in the scuffle. The end of the week may provide comfort.

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