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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 7, 2021


As we wake to the Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius Moon, we will be reminded that the purpose of any work is to always heal what hurts the most, even if it doesn’t seem possible.  

When we think of self-work, we usually think of improving ourselves in such a way so that we are happier, healthy, and more successful. 

That may be the case for some, but in order to actually do any of that, it has to first begin in us healing what hurts the most.  

These are the wounds and traumas that we experienced whether we were younger or even just last year.  

It’s the experiences and the circumstances that have written in our trauma brain to help protect us from further pain, but which usually only ends up causing us greater hurt in the long run.  

This is because we often, even when doing self-work, try to avoid dealing with what hurts but to heal means that we’re going to have to go. 

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We have to go to our most vulnerable spots and open up and touch what is exposed. We have to be able to offer up our broken pieces to the part of ourselves that is brave enough to fix them and we have to be willing to see the truth of what is really there.  

These are big themes to work through for anyone at any time but right now everyone is just a little bit more sensitive in part to Scorpio Season and also the impending Eclipse Season.  

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