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Which Sports Movie Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


With basketball and football season both in full swing (along with many other popular sports), sports fans might want a break from the chilly stadium stands. With the right athletics-themed movie, viewers can have a warm and cozy night in while still enjoying some inspiring sports action.

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But, with so many options, it can be hard to pinpoint the sports movie that exudes the right energy. That problem can be solved if viewers consult their astrological charts and line themselves up with a movie that matches their exact personality.

12 Aries: Dodgeball (2004)

the average joes get ready to play in dodgeball

Aries are intensely tenacious, and they would try anything to reach a goal. When the Average Joe’s Gym is in trouble, the gym members teach themselves how to play competitive dodgeball just for a chance at saving it–while also defeating Globo Gym’s White Goodman (who has one of Ben Stiller’s funniest movie quotes in this film).

Aries bravery is the kind that makes them unafraid to be pelted in the face with dodgeballs (or a wrench, if they’re with Patches O’Houlihan), and Aries optimism is what sent Average Joe’s to the finals–because they knew in their hearts that they could win.

11 Taurus: Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Tauruses are creatures of habit and love their routine. In a race track, there’s no twists or turns, just a simple loop to go as fast as possible in. But, racing itself requires hard work and intelligence, which are also Taurus strengths.

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Cars can, additionally, be a symbol of luxury, and that is greatly appreciated by the Taurus personality. Also very ambitious, Taurus can heavily relate to the fierce competition between Shelby and Miles to prove the excellence of their design.

10 Gemini: Bring It On (2000)

Torrance and Isis talking in Bring It On

Having to band together against an opposing cheer squad, dealing with the drama of high school, and coming up with multiple routines is something a Gemini is prepared for and capable of. Furthermore, there are a ton of different Bring It On movies to pick from, so Geminis can lean into their inherent flexibility and watch a few different ones if they’d like to.

The franchise is all about learning from other perspectives and walks of life and growing from the experience, and Bring It On’s message still holds up today. Geminis themselves love learning and opening their eyes to new things.

9 Cancer: Coach Carter (2005)

Cancers are very protective and caring; they want the most for the people in their lives in an almost parental way. So, Coach Carter’s decision to put his team’s academic future over their athletic one in one of the best basketball films according to IMDb is a decision that Cancers would agree with and respect.

Carter’s intuition about his team’s needs and strengths, leading to an undefeated season. Cancers share that same instinct and have a reputation for being almost psychic in nature. As the most emotionally in-tune sign, Cancers will also love how touching the story is.

8 Leo: The Blind Side (2009)

Michael Oher in The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock

Leos are the cheerleaders of the zodiac. When the attention isn’t on them, they act as a support system for the people in their lives. They are incredibly generous with their time and effort as well. These themes are strongly present in The Blind Side, as Leigh Ann cheers on Michael through his football journey.

Leos are also wildly determined people, just like Michael and Leigh Ann. Michael’s growing Leo confidence on and off the field was a direct result of his determination to succeed, and that’s what makes The Blind Side one of the best athlete biopics on IMDb.

7 Virgo: Rudy (1993)

rudy is lifted up by his teammates at a game in Rudy

Hard work truly paid off, as Virgos believe, for Daniel Ruettiger. He exhibited immense patience, as his dream came to him later than he thought in life, and that is another core Virgo value. Virgos are the type of sign to apply for enrollment at a school and suffer through many rejections before finally celebrating an acceptance.

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The kindness that the other teammates and Notre Dame show to Rudy is trademark Virgo behavior, as they are sweet and giving people who would undoubtedly give up their jersey for Rudy to play.

6 Libra: She’s The Man (2006)

She’s The Man is all about justice and equal opportunities for the genders in soccer, and Libras would heavily agree, as they’re natural diplomats and seekers of justice. Fairness is very important to a Libra. It’s important to Viola, one of Amanda Bynes’s most memorable roles, too, as she tries to make things even.

As social butterflies, Libras would love the opportunity to adopt a make-believe persona and make new friends in a brand new place, just like Viola does as Sebastian. They’re also one of the most clever signs and would be able to outsmart the other characters with their disguise.

5 Scorpio: Whip It (2009)

Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page, Kristin Wiig in Whip It

Scorpios are the edgy and darker sign, so an underground sport like roller derby that’s featured in Elliot Page’s best-rated IMDb movie is perfect for them. Scorpios are also single-minded when it comes to their dreams and goals, which is a trait that Bliss exhibits in her efforts to break away from the pageant world.

Bliss also keeps her journey with the sport a secret from her disapproving mother. Scorpios have a hard time opening up to people, which can lead them to keep secrets as well. But, when they’ve let people in, those people become family. The same thing happens with Bliss and the Hurl Scouts, forming a tight-knit and lasting bond with each other.

4 Sagittarius: Blue Crush (2002)

Sagittarians are the “go with the flow” signs of the zodiac, so the beach is their happy place. They’re also some of the most adventurous people and have no problem venturing out into the ocean to ride some incredible waves, just like the characters in this film featuring one of Kate Bosworth’s best IMDb-rated performances.

As honest and caring individuals, Sags would do well in a coastal town, and wouldn’t hesitate to take care of someone who needed them, like they do with Penny. They are also very independent and would be able to train tirelessly for a solo surf competition like Anne Marie does with the Pipeline contest.

3 Capricorn: The Cutting Edge (1992)

Kate Moseley gives off major Capricorn energy as an ambitious and analytical athlete who strives to be nothing less than the best at her craft: figure skating. Her intense drive and intelligence make her one of the best skaters at the Olympics.

Capricorns greatly appreciate her hardworking nature and responsible attitude; there’s nothing she won’t do to give herself the best chance at success and she commits many hours a day to training and regimen. When she finally meets the perfect partner, her dream is within her grasp.

2 Aquarius: Cosmoball (2020)

the players competing in cosmoball

Aquarians are visionary and forward-thinking, and so a futuristic sports movie fits into their personality. Aquarians are unique and love to march to the beat of their own drum. In order to do justice to that characteristic, their ideal sports movie needs to include a sport that doesn’t exist–yet.

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Cosmoball is a Russian foreign film about a sport that develops after an intergalactic war. Showing off its Aquarian problem-solving skills, the characters utilize the planet’s shifted polarity from the moon’s explosion to fight for the survival of their planet in a game called Cosmoball.

1 Pisces: The Sandlot (1993)

The Sandlot kids ready to play baseball.

Pisces, like the Sandlot kids, are the babies of the zodiac chart. But, they’re also some of the most creative people, and have definitely made their own makeshift baseball diamond or other type of field in an old lot at some point.

Piscean generosity is another trait shown in the film, as the kids kindly invite new kid Scott to play ball with them. The Sandlot is a nostalgic and classic childhood film for many people, and that feeling of camaraderie that comes with that nostalgia taps into Pisces deep emotional connection to others.

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