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Horoscope Today: November 6, 2021


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Virgo, the cards are urging you to tap into the sense that lies beyond the five senses. The realm that exists outside of the realm of your physical existence. The land of infinite possibilities that defies all logic. Here you will discover not just your inherent connection with Source but a multitude of treasures that have been hidden away from you. Libra, there comes a point in every seeker’s journey where they can continue to live as they have been or allow Spirit to come through. This is a major turning point for you. A time of recognising that you are one with the forces and that forces are dancing the dance of life through you. So, let go of that false sense of control and become one with the rhythm and flow. Aquarius, this is a love story unlike any other love story. A connection so sacred and pure, you almost never know how to put it into words. So, embrace this as an opportunity to break down the walls, to let somebody in, and to experience a whole new level of intimacy.

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