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Best Crystals For Taurus: 3 Stones For Clarity, Love & Good Energy


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With the Sun making its way through the sign of Taurus starting on April 19 through May 20, it’s officially birthday season for all the Taureans out there, so lets talk about the best crystals for Taurus. Known for their steadfastness, dependability and hardworking nature, anyone knows a Taurus is a friend you can always count on. But just like any other sign, they still have their struggles!

Ruled by the bull, a Taurus can be stubborn or a stuck in their ways at times, especially when life gets challenging. Plus, they crave security more than any other sign. If anyone or anything poses a threat to a Taurus’ sense of security, they will charge as fiercely as their bull symbolism implies.

One of the most magical ways for a Taurus (or any sign for that matter) to manage when life throws curveballs is to work with crystals. Due to their composition, when crystals are placed in the energetic frequency of the body or charged with a specific intention, they can become powerful alleys in amplifying, balancing and clearing energy. Whether you believe this to be true or simply appreciate the placebo effect, either way, it can’t hurt to give crystal healing a little try.

Every crystal carries a specific vibrational frequency, all suited for different things. If you want to stimulate more abundance in life, there are crystals attuned to that energy. If you want to bring in more love, healing or basically anything else, there are crystals that vibrate at those specific frequency. Simply having them close to you will help boost your energy to that frequency so you can attract and manifest exactly what you seek.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of our three favorite crystals for Taurus to kick-start making your own magic now. Check them out below.

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Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Connecting with the energy of love will soothe any Taurus in stressful times. Set the intention of self love or the goal of seeing more beauty in little moments to maximize this crystal’s full potential.

STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of SunnyBonny/Etsy.

Rose Quartz Heart Stone

Heart-shaped stones seem especially appropriate for the crystal of love, don’t you think? Carry rose quartz in your purse or pocket so it’s always nearby.


STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of CatherineDesignNYC.

Rose Quartz Obelisk

If you’d prefer to leave it in your space, one of these gorgeous rose quartz obelisks should do the trick.


STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of My Little Magic Shop.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

One of my favorite ways to tap into rose quartz’s energy is by wearing the stone as jewelry. This rose quartz bracelet is must-have for just $10 bucks!


Whenever you are feeling a little stuck, black tourmaline, the vacuum cleaner of the crystal world, will help you release any negative energy you might be feeling while protecting you from any bad vibes being thrown your way. Since Taureans aren’t huge fans of change, letting Black Tourmaline guide you through change can be profound.

You can even hold a chunk of black tourmaline during meditation for a few moments to ease your anxiety or fears quickly. If you’re worrying for your security or having your needs met, placing two pieces of black tourmaline over your root chakra will help you feel more grounded.

STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of ThrowinStones/Etsy.

Black Tourmaline Palm Stone

Palm stones are easy to take with you everywhere you go, so you can keep black tourmaline’s magic on standby.


STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of KeelosCreations/Etsy.

Black Tourmaline Necklace

TBH, I’d wear this wire-wrapped black tourmaline necklace for the look alone. It’s so beautiful!


STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of SoulshineStoneworks/Etsy.

Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal

If you prefer the look of a raw crystal over something polished, snag a piece of this black tourmaline ASAP.


Last but definitely not least, clear quartz is an excellent stone for when you need a little clarity regarding how to proceed in life. Often the reasons why Taurus gets a little closed-off to other options in life is because they can’t see that when one door closes, more open in places they cannot yet see.

Clear Quartz amplifies your connection with the universe and improves your ability to notice synchronicities more clearly. Set an intention to connect more deeply with your higher self using clear quartz and you’ll notice that, when you do, you’ll see many options you never noticed before.

STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of My Little Magic Shop.

Clear Quartz Sphere

There’s just something so magical about a clear quartz sphere, am I right? Major crystal ball vibes.


STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of WorldIncenseStore/Etsy.

Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid

I love keeping a crystal pyramid beside my bed or at my window because it looks so beautiful in the light.


STYLECASTER | Crystals for Taurus

Courtesy of SunnyBonny/Etsy.

Clear Quartz Palm Stone

If you need clear quartz’s clarifying powers everywhere you go, snag a palm stone you can throw in your bag or pocket.

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