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3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That’s Simple Starting November 8, 2021


On November 8, 2021, we begin a transit called Vertex in Cancer. The influence of Cancer is heavy here and has the power to bring out much emotion — almost too much.

And, when we have too much of anything, especially something as volatile as ’emotion’, we tend to shut down.

Sometimes life is just too much, and during this transit, we are going to come up with a few solutions.

The main solution to the overload of life and love’s problems is the idea of simplifying the whole thing down to an easy to cope with lifestyle.

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Love that’s simple. This whole ‘complicated, convoluted’ thing is a pain in the butt. Drama looks so much better on film than it does in real life, and we will really come to know this during the Vertex in Cancer.

There comes a point in certain people’s lives where they no longer believe that a relationship needs to be kept on its toes all the time. They want to relax, trust and take advantage of the good things that exist.

We grow in our romances, we come to find that — while the highs may not be as high as they once were, the lows are no longer as low, either. Vertex in Cancer works on that balance, giving us insight and the wisdom to choose simplicity.

Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That’s Simple During The Vertex In Cancer Starting November 8, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Love is something you’ve come to know as trouble, and even though you’ve never let that stop you from throwing yourself in, you really have developed a distaste for the complexities of keeping it going. Not only do you find it tiring, but it’s also just boring to you.

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