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The Battlestar Galactica Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


A Sagitarrius is strong and independent, seeking to chart their own course, much preferring to walk their own path rather than follow in the footsteps of another, just like Lee “Apollo” Adama did when he fought for command of the Pegasus so he could get out from underneath the shadow of his father, Admiral Adama. But even that wasn’t enough for him, and he eventually left the service entirely to pursue a legal and political career, upsetting his father but setting him off on his own journey. Apollo, like a Sagittarius, was the person most trusted to get things done, accomplish the big mission, and achieve an impossible goal. In short, when something important needed doing, the crew of Galactica turned to Lee Adama because they knew no matter what was needed, he was the one they could trust to make it happen.

Emotional intelligence goes hand in hand with that strength for a Sagittarius, and that’s what made Apollo such a great member of the Galactica team — and eventually Commander, lawyer, and aspiring political leader. Apollo was able to gauge and respond to the people around him, engaging them with encouragement and support, in turn gaining theirs. A Sagittarius is said to be able to see the larger picture, to assess situations, to see all angles, making them great problem solvers, too. From command of the Pegasus to his time as President of the Twelve Colonies, Lee’s Sagitarrian traits served him well.

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