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Horoscope Today, November 5, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Cancer, Libra, Pisces


Taurus, Sagittarius and Aquarius ascendant sign people will be in high spirits and approach life zestfully. Read details under your ascendant sign’s daily predictions.




Aries sign people are likely to enhance their professional or business prospects by aiming higher and working hard. The festive spirit will keep you enthusiastic toward work and personal goals. You should remain cautious while holding personal talks as people around you may be in a sensitive frame. Gifts and blessings will pour in from several directions. There will be harmony at home. Try to ignore people’s silly errors.



Taurus sign people will remain hassled on account of the demands by their family members for a significantly higher expenditure owing to social obligations. The festive spirit may remain weak on account of the dwindling finances and poor health. However, money will surely flow in. The celebratory ethos at home will finally catch up and lift your spirits. The string of visitors will bring cheer and excitement. Senior friends will bring exciting ideas.



Gemini sign people are likely to inherit a part of the familial property as a festive gift. Married couples as well as lovers may set out on a romantic trip or may cosy up in their homes to celebrate togetherness and happiness. A family youngster is likely to organize social gatherings and create an ethos of happiness and celebrations. You are likely to find enough time to attend to your professional goals. As a result of which, you will maintain an upper edge over your rivals.



Cancer sign people will have a day full of excitement and contentment. You may have some extra cash at hand which you may want to invest in movable or immovable property. Your sister might give you a surprise of some kind. Your parents’ health appears as a matter of worry. You must look after them well. Despite the festivities, you may want to centre within yourself and withdraw from the humdrum of life for a while.



Leo sign people will have a productive day. There will be multifarious activities throughout the day. As a result, there will be excitement as well as contentment. You will be in a valorous form and decimate all enemies and rivals very efficiently. Your colleagues or business associates will cooperate with you. The inflow of money will be greater than your expectations. The family youngster will keep the ethos cheerful. Financial schemes are set to bring gains.



Virgo sign people are likely to consult an advisor to augment the possibility of earning from their investments. The arriving relatives, friends and professional colleagues to celebrate the festivities will keep you happy and excited. Be cautious while drinking and enjoying heavy food as you are likely to overindulge and develop acidity and flatulence. Retailers will work hard to increase the footfall and enhance the possibility of profit.



Libra sign people are set to have a pleasant day. There is a strong possibility that you will receive a job offer and a call to join as soon as possible. The work setting brings contentment and you shall remain enthusiastic throughout the day. People will appreciate you for your social skills, a responsible attitude and also for professional acumen and skills. There will be a pleasant and celebratory environment at home. The inflow of money will keep you cheerful.



Scorpio sign people will be in a mood to splurge and enjoy life with their friends and family members. You must remember to spend wisely while spending. A road journey is indicated in the stars either to finalize a business deal or to meet your relatives living in a distant town. You may feel exhausted as well as visiting several people’s houses may irk you and drain your energy. However, the constant inflow of money will keep you happy.



Sagittarius sign people are likely to remain occupied with stock-taking activity on the activity as well as the financial front. The money god shines bright on you, so you will continue to reap the benefits. You will be rewarded by your seniors or appreciated in the form of a promotion or an increment. This will keep your spirits high. The bond between married couples will get stronger and the affection will be reciprocated mutually. You will remain zestful.



Capricorn sign people will refurbish their house and also spend on household gadgets in a major way There will be no obstacles in your way while targeting the routine goals. An increment or a promotion is in store for working hard. It will keep you spirited and enthusiastic about life. There will be enhanced harmony and romance between married couples and lovers. You will remain fit and happy.



Aquarius sign people are likely to make gains on all fronts. Things will remain positive for you throughout the day. Your father may give important advice or his support may enable you to bag a highly profitable deal. Your exercise regimen and a healthy diet will start to have their effects. Your spirits will be high and you will work hard. The inflow of money from unexpected sources will keep you cheerful.



Pisces sign people are likely to face the repercussions of overindulgence in food and drinks over the festivities. You must take ample rest and your medicines on time as acidic reflux and indigestion may trouble you throughout the day. Despite the discomfort, you may have to set out for some urgent work and resolve a chaotic situation. Overspending is possible unless you are cautious about your tendencies. You will be irritable.

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